Sunday night my mom, Cassidy, Ben, Cameron and I all went to PF Chang’s for dinner to celebrate the end of Cameron’s birthday weekend and gorge on lettuce wraps. My mom had a sweater she bought that was too big in the bust region and gave it to me. It is beige and knit and very preppy but is perfect for work since I’m always cold and wrapping up there.

I always ask Ben his opinion on new clothing. Mainly because his answers are always so cute… and honest. Which I love. If my ass looks like the backside of a school bus, he lets me know and saves us BOTH the embarrassment. This was not true of the sweater talk after which I spent a good 30 minutes online looking up untraceable poisons to slip into his next Pepsi:

Me: So, how do you like this sweater?
Ben: It’s nice.
Me: HA HA ! Really, what do you think of it?
Ben: It’s very conservative.
Me: *I knew he was going to say that!!*
Ben: And… Republican looking.
Me: *jaw hits floor*
Ben: *busy doing something*
Me: I have NEVER been SO OFFENDED in my ENTIRE life!!
Ben: Well…
Me: *throws sweater on couch*
Me: *stomps off to room pouting*

I took the sweater to work. Every time I put it on I feel dirty. All the girls at work love it.

5 thoughts on “Insulted

  1. when anna says dirty, she means dirty for looking ‘conservative’, not for something like showing cleavage, just wanted to clear that up…

  2. Haha, well if it had anything to do with cleavage, being “conservative” I’d assume it was up to her chin down to her knees and puffed out giving her no form whatsoever. 😉 So…I know you didn’t mean dirty like that.

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