Trying to prove that I’m not as bad as I sound on my blog.

I decided to research the search results a bit because for some reason I found them intriguing. And so you don’t all think I’m into watching child pornography and downing Epikak while scratching my back rash.

So here ya go:

Erik Bana – This is coming in from a google image search… There is a picture from an old blog post from May 16, 2004 that comes up on page 7. I had to laugh at the title of that blog post. heh

epikak – Comes from a post on August 13 2004 when somebody recommended it as pay back for somebody stealing my butter at work.

cherry layouts – Comes up as the #1 hit on Google’s Image search. And that’s embarrassing because it’s a horrid, awful, iframes layout.

child pornograhpy – Is from a post about The Butterfly Effect on December 8th, 2004. That movie ending still pisses me off. I ranted to Cameron today about it for a good half an hour.

fat lips – Page one of a Google Image search. From a post on October 18th, 2004.

back rash – Talking about Cassidy’s rash on May 31st, 2005. Which is funny because we have ANOTHER appointment tomorrow to see the doctor and this is one of the main things we will be discussing. They told me it should go away in a week with the medicine and it’s STILL there.

2 thoughts on “Trying to prove that I’m not as bad as I sound on my blog.

  1. lol. Which butterfly effect ending are you talking about b/c there were too. The director’s cut had the one where in the womb, evan died, but the theaterical version had it so hailey and evan were never friends so they each went on to live their lives.

  2. It was the one where he kills himself at the end. I wasn’t aware that I had seen the directors cut till a few days later when my b/f was telling a friend about me ranting about it. heh 😉

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