Thanks to the Hero

Ben is the most amazing, patient, wonderful man ever. The last few days were tough. Mainly made so by the fact that I felt just OUT of it. Pain medicine can do that to you. Big time. Almost helpless really.

I can’t count the number of times he brought me the ice pack (even once at 3AM!!), drinks, made me soup, made a trip to the store for more gauze, pinto’s and cheese… he even allowed Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream IN THE HOUSE. The house where he threatens immediate throwing away of anything that does not contain over 50% protein.

I was going to thank him for sitting in a room for 45 minutes waiting for me to come out of surgery but found out tonight that he actually made a trip to Noah’s Bagels while he waited. So instead I’d like to thank him for not getting the bagel BEFORE he dropped me off having not eaten in 12 hours. And also for actually claiming me when the nurse came to get him. Because after looking at myself in the mirror when I got home… mouth gaping open with gauze, drooling down myself, scrape on my lip, stoned look in my eyes… I’d have walked into the recovery room and said, “I don’t know that lunatic” and been outta there. 😉

Anyway, I want to say thank you to Ben. I know it sounds silly and extreme but you were my hero this weekend and I love you very much for it. And anybody who can put up with my breath right now while the gaping wounds heal in my moist, hot mouth is nothing short of a Hero of Epic magnitude.

*kiss* I love you, honey. 🙂

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