Still healing.

It’s still in the healing stage but I took the time to shave today so hear ya go. 🙂

And for those of you who don’t know what the first one looks like.

Now I just need to get some stars somewhere and I’ll be happy. I’m not sure where yet. The lotus that Danielle got on her forearm came out really cute but I know better than to get them on a place that I can’t cover. So I’m thinking on the upper part of my right shoulder blade so I can show it off with a tank top on but still be able to cover it.

17 thoughts on “Still healing.

  1. YAY! I’ve never regretted mine for a second. I love both of them because I got one to remember the best grandma that ever lived and one I with my step-sisters. So they both have “meaning” for me.

    What are you wanting to get?

  2. stars would look neat on the shoulder or down the neck and center of your back… kinda sprinkling down. That or sprinkling down from the center between your boobs and down, or to compliment that belly button area.

    Once on Fear Factor there was a girl with beautiful abs and a pierced bellybutton..and a pretty tattoo of a sea turtle with bubbles coming up. It looks so pretty…I’ve just gotta work on that belly part. hehe

  3. Yeah, if I had perfect abs maybe… But until I know for sure that I’m done having kids I’m not gonna put anything on my belly!

    Although my sister had a tattoo streatch on her shoulder when she got pregnant and had to have it covered up… but the one on her belly looks fine. *shrug*

  4. No more for me. I just want to get mine recolored and haven’t even gotten up the courage to go back and do that. I do not understand the addiction to this, it fricken hurts people!!!!!

  5. Having kids hurts, too, and lots of women have more than one. Heh.

    I want to get “42”, “not all who wander are lost”, and a jolly roger. I just am not terribly sure WHERE. The places I want are all on eithe the rib cage or the hipbone and those are supposed to be the two most painful spots in the history of painful spots. Heh.

  6. And Kristen, I dunno abuut he spots you want. The back one really was not that bad except for the spot right above my butt crack which was pretty sensative.

    The ankle, however, hurt like hell. Luckly though it only took about 15-20 minutes tops and I was done.

    My sister said the one near her hip was not that bad. It was her fist one and she’s had two since then… although she has three kids so I doubt the tattoo felt like much. 😉

  7. Sorry but I had my first 2 kids 100% natural, no drugs, no epidural, nothing but pure adrenaline and that f*cking tattoo on back back hurt worse than that!!! Seriously was a 45 minute labor from start to finish, those frickin daisies took over 2 hours 🙁 Maybe I’m just boney not sure but it WAS more painful than childbirth and I’m the mother of 3!!

  8. hahaha It migh have SEEMED liek two hour but it really wasn’t. It was an hour tops. Mine was about 45 minutes because mine’s a bit smaller.

    The only reason the one on my ankle took 15-20 minutes was because my step-sisters kept telling him to add more color… fill in the little pettles at the top, add more light purple…

  9. Anna you are funny!! We got there at 7:30, he started by 8:00 and we didn’t get out of there until almost midnight, I remember that part vividly because Brandon was so po’d that we were gone so long 🙁 Now granted he took a little break in between but, but that’s alot longer than just an hour each!!! I know mine was almost 2 hours because I waited that long for a cigarette, LOL!! I’ve already went in and been told it will take a good hour just to recolor mine. It’s pretty big, 7 1/2 inches by 3 inches. Yes we measured it because I WAS thinking of adding some butterflies flying up and leaves sprinkling down to my butt 🙂 I really like mine but I hate that it is so perfectly symmetrical, it does need something else, just not sure what? I’ve even thought of adding rain drops and then leaves falling, sort of hard to explain that one though….

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