We are quite possibly the biggest geeks of all time.

An email thread from yesterday between Ben and I:

I forgot that the Survivor Season Finale was last night. I know I set the box to record the Thrusday Night Programs but I hope I set it to include all “new showings”. *crosses finger*

I didn’t realize it till I opened up MSNBC and in huge letters across the top of the page is “SURVIVOR WINNER IS …* WHAAAAAAAAA!

Fortunately, I checked this morning, and the world is indeed still spinnning! Yay!

Why do you mock me you heartless fool?!?!

you’re just so mockable you blond-haired nerf-herder

NERF-HERDER!? You call the person who helped you SINGLE HANDIDLY take down an arch villan a NERF-HERDER.

Well, I never.

You…. WEINER!!

I’m sorry, The Judges have spoken…

That was a starwars quote, the correct response would have been to quote something starwars back to me, I’ll need another response, this one doesn’t qualify.

I have in fact conferred with the judges and we have come to the agreement that you can not in fact use ONE WORD from a Star Wars “quote” and then call your answer a “quote” when the entire quote was not quoted correctly.

The correct quote would have been: “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy looking nerf-herder!”

Anna – 1
Ben – 0

Still, while the judges convey heart-felt sympathy for your weak and utterly baseless claims of inappropriate Starwars quoting, they still find you in contempt of Starwars Lore. There can be no escape from this contempt.

As a duly designated representative of the new republic, I order you to cease any and all inappropriate Starwars quoting activity and return forthwith to your place of origin or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension.

Oh, and

Anna -1
Ben +1

I’ll have you know that as an official member of the followers of the Royal Court of Alderaan (as witnessed by all those who were privy to the aquiring and wearing by ME of the official robes and hair-do) you will surley suffer punishment for your blatant disrespect of the House of Organa.

I have oficially summoned the Princess herself to order a swift and not so comfortable punishment. Perhaps by encasing in carbonite until such a time that the Royal Family feels you are able to properly address those in positions above yours.

I have you now!

3 thoughts on “We are quite possibly the biggest geeks of all time.

  1. HA! It’s going to be fantastic!! I might have to try and find a Star Wars shirt to wear.

    Just to, you know, fit in and stuff.. yeah.

  2. Hot Topic has a couple of cute ones… one has ANAKIN with the Christian kid… its black, $19. The other one is light blue and has a horizontal screen with Luke and LUKE in an 80s font.. I was gonna get the black anakin shirt but kynan said NO. 🙁

    OH WELL.. haha

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