Star Wars Ep.3

We have tickets for a 12:10AM showing. I am so excited it’s slighty embarrassing. Well, more than slightly… really. Of course the girls here at work didn’t even KNOW it was coming out today. *shakes head*

Anyway, after work I’m gonna swing by Hot Topic and pick up a tshirt to wear. I have a feeling if one of us doens’t have SOMETHING on we’re likely to get jumped by a battalion of storm troopers. There better be people there in full garb or I will be really disappointed.

And there will be pictures for sure! All that geekness in one place HAS to be captured and shared!

1 thought on “Star Wars Ep.3

  1. I’m wearing sin city garb.. cool shirt and comic-like belt.. dangly stars earrings and necklace (sorta like in city, thought not exactly)

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