I hate Kelly

So. Kelly and Ron passed two teams to finish second. On the way to the mat in a cab for end of the leg she said to Ron, “My brother is in the army and he has MUCH better manners than you.” Or some complete BS along those lines.

I hope somebody starts an I Hate Kelly hatelisting. It would be the first hate/fan listing I’d join. Shoot, I might make on myself. They just didn’t deserve it. At all.

And that brings me to Meredith and Gretchen. Those two are just fantastic. To see all of the physically challenging things they have done… it was just an amazing thing to watch. They backed eachother 120%. Even when they got frustrated, they NEVER spoke meanly to the other, they never cursed at the other, they supported the other even when they thought they had no chance to win a leg. It was encouraging and refreshing to see two people so completely devoted to the eachother.

Good job guys. Kelly only WISHES she had what you two have. You don’t have a million dollars. But what you have is much better.

Die Kelly.

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