Amazing Race 7

I wrote out a nice long post last Monday about my obsession for Amazing Race. It’s still there in my drafts actually half finished.

I predicted that the Ron/Kelly team would be last this week and eliminated. They were last, but not eliminated. That kinds pissed me off. I really hate her. She told Ron that he’s non-commital. Ron was one of the first POW’s captured during Iraqi Freedom. Here is the conversation to follow:

Kelly: “Your patterns in life show that you don’t make commitments.”
Ron: “You’re right, I was only…committed to the military…”
Kelly: “And you got out of that one.”
Ron: “How did I get out of that one?”
Kelly: “By being a POW. If you’re so committed to the military, then why aren’t you still in it? Why’d you leave after you were captured?”

*I then wrote a bunch more below this about how Kelly is a selfish ass and how they SO do not deserve to win. And how Meredith and Gretchen are bad ass for making it this far at 66 & 69 years old and having everything but their passports taken from them and how I’m pretty sure they’ll get eliminated this week and Ron and the dumb hooker will make the top three and I hit my backspace button and my brower ate HALF MY DAMN RANT post.*

Gah, it’s almost on.


I’ll be back at 10:00PM when it’s over. Cross your fingers I don’t have a small nervous breakdown between now and then.

*EDIT during show
9:30PM – Rob & Amber yielded Ron and Kelly!! HA! Go you shady bastards!! 🙂
9:42PM – Oh no! Uchenna and Joyce are lost!!
9:46PM – Rob and Amber were first!!
9:47PM – Kelly is driving the bus. They are SO screwed. YAY!
9:49PM – Shoot. She finished already. I hate her. HATE! And now she’s already starting to bitch.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Race 7

  1. WOW. What a heartless bitch! That’s the lamest crap I’ve ever heard (the conversation Kelly had at Ron). Does he really take it from this little pampered spoiled princess?

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