The Butterfly Effect: Part II

So, I ranted. I ranted because I saw an ending to a movie, a good movie, that sucked ass and depressed me.

While Ben was talking to a co-worker about my reaction to the ending he suddenly realized that we had watched the Directors Cut. So the ending we saw was different then those of you who watched it in the theater. heh

Allow me to explain. I understand in the movie that at the end when Evan is watching himself on the video in the mental ward, he’s watching a video of himself as a young boy.. and when he makes the jump back there he kicks the girl in the shin causing her to not like him, never having become her friend, she moved in with her mom, her brother doens’t become psycho, etc. Evan is alive and well as are the rest of the gang at the end of the movie. THAT ending I can deal with.

In the Directors Cut… at the end when Evan is watchng the video in the mental ward he is watching his mother in labor. When he jumps back, he’s in his mothers womb still. He reaches for his umbilical cord and squeezes it in his hand, cutting off his blood supply, until he dies. HE DIES PEOPLE!

WTF kind of ending is that?? Sure, everybody else grows up happy and crap but Evan KILLS HIMSELF after being ass raped in jail, blowing himself up, beaten to hell, forced to perform child pornograhpy and watching his dog burn! Hello?

3 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect: Part II

  1. My friend did the same thing and she was really disturbed. Then she went back and watched the one original one. She too didn’t realize until she was talking to a friend, explaining why she was so disturbed and her friend was like WTF are you talking about? That’s not how it ends.

    You’re not alone.

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