My computer has been up and down. I’m troubleshooting. Thinking it’s my burner. I pulled it out a few months ago because I was having issues but thought I had tracked it down to the motherboard. Maybe it was the burner after all. *shrug*

Anyway, I’m posting because Ben said that I have to. He found a TV he likes at Best Buy today while he and Cassidy played hooky from work and school. At first we were thinking about getting it for the bedroom because our TV in there is about to die. We found one for sale on CraigsList in the area for $600.

The frugal side then kicked in and we realized that if we sold the TV we have in the living room now it would more than cover the cost of the new TV. We could use the new one in the living room and just live with the ancient artifact in the bedroom. To look up the going rate of the TV we have now I had to squeeze behind it to get the model for Ben. He pulled the heavy beast away from the wall and I squeezed my head between the wall and the TV and used my cell phone for light to read him the number.

I went to pull away and realized that my head was WEDGED in the space. I could not go backwards because my ears were like, jammed in the forward position. I yelled for Ben to help and I think at first he though I was kidding but I WASN’T! He ran over and pulled the TV out a bit further and I was free. 😳 It hurt. Probably my pride more than my head. I’m sure there will be jokes about the size of my head in the near future as a result. 😉

Then he looked at me and said, ‘You SO better blog that.’

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