I’m blogging this.

I’ve been drooling over this shirt for about a year now but I don’t like that it has the www.oreilly.com URL on the back. I have a bunch of that iron on printer paper and I’ve made Cassidy shirts before… I think I’ll print the words out and make my own shirt this weeked. 🙂

I think while I’m at it I might also make the ‘I love my geek’ shirt too.

On a completely unrelated narcissistic note, I made a new avatar tonight because I was bored and my little brother tried to convince me that EVERYBODY looks better ‘goth’ this week. :screwy: Anyway, I did play with hue/saturation a little but DAMN my eyes look blue!

2 thoughts on “I’m blogging this.

  1. as i told you earlier, i love the eyemakeup. I love very black eyemakeup around the eyes… I think you have enough resources and diversity in your area to find a makeup artist and have them find the right application for you if you’re worried about it making your eyes look too big. That’s one thing on my goals list is to go down to LA and have a pro makeup artists show me how to get the most out of what I’ve got…

    I mean look at past pictures of Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, etc. before they really hit stardom and afforded these great makeup artists that perfected their look.

  2. I should do that. There is actually place that I’ve been scoping out to get my hair done in the shopping center about a mile away from us and they have a makeup girl there.

    I looked for that Maxim today at the store and they sold like every magazine BUT Maxim. Bastards! I want to get the Avril pictures and cut them out and hang them up in Cassisy’s room before she gets home.

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