K Why??

I’m only posting this because Ben said it was ‘Blogable’. 😉

My mom told me Wednesday morning that her hands were dry and asked for some lotion. I told her to try the bathroom counter. A minute later she comes back and says there is none there… I’m trying to get dressed and not feeling particularly well so I tell her to check the bed or the nightstand becuase I had used it on my legs there after getting out of the shower.

About two minutes later I walk into the bedroom and she is rubbing her hands together with this completely perplexed look on her face… I’d say it was my moms best attempt at a WTF look. I ask her, ‘Did you find it?’ And she answers, ‘If you meant the KY, then yes.’

I reached down and pulled the lotion out from behind a cover and she promptly RAN to the bathroom and washed her hands.

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