For the last week I’d noticed that my boob/mole scar had gotten tender. The doctor told me to expect that as it would take awhile for the wound to heal internally…

Then this morning I saw that it was really red and put some pressure on the skin around it and it immediately started bleeding. It’s opened up about 1/4 inch on the right hand side and the worst part… puss came out too. Just a little bit but enough for me not to be comfortable having an infection so close to my heart.

I have an apartement at 9:20 this morning to get it looked at.

EDIT @ 12:07PM – It turns out that my body rejected one of the internal stitches and my right breast is in the process of a mad protest. In the next few days the stitch will be pushed out and it will heal back up.

It turns out a womens breast is even picker then the woman it is on!

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