RIP Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve has died, his publicist has said.

The 52-year-old fell into a coma on Saturday after suffering a cardiac arrest at his New York home.

Reeve had been paralysed from the neck down in a near-fatal horse-riding accident nine years ago.

The former actor spent most of his time since in a wheelchair and became an advocate for spinal cord research.

I just watched Superman 3 the other day. I love those movies… even now. I always saw Christopher Reeve’s as this tough guy that could save the world. When I would see him in that wheel chair it was almost too hard to believe that it was him. He had such a will to live. Vowing to the day he was gone that he’d walk again someday. Hopefully somebody else will stand up to help Michael J Fox in the fight for stem cell research.

2 thoughts on “RIP Christopher Reeve

  1. RIP to him, he was one of my favorites, he was SUPERMAN. and to think he started getting feeling back in his legs and arms and could wiggle his toes again. he was really close. in other news too
    1996 NL MVP Ken Caminiti died at 41 from a heart attack 🙁 he was one of my favorite Padres/ baseball players.

  2. All these wonderful people are dying, including Reeves, Rodney Dangerfield, and others. Let them all RIP.:cry:. I also hope someone sticks up for stemcell research.

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