IT hell

*Not going to use co-workers names anymore. For reasons that don’t need explanation.*

I don’t consider myself a computer expert by any means. I know enough to get myself around and what I don’t know I can usually find answers for online. I’m also surrounded by peolpe who DO know a lot about computers and I think that’s what keeps me so grounded.

That being said, we have the stupidest IT person ever to walk the face of the earth at work. Either that, or he is the laziest person ever known to man.

Reason #1: Work, Day 1.
I like short cuts to everything. By the end of the first day I had a shortcut on my desktop to my directory on the server where we all keep our individual files, shortcuts to the most used programs as well as to my online email accouts.

My co-worker, C, saw this and thought it was great and proceeded to call IT Boy and he remote accessed her computer to create her a few shortcuts. She proceeded to call him about 6 times in the next two days to have him make more shortcuts and to organize them into foldres similar to the way I have mine.

Finally I told her, ‘C, Right click>Send To>Desktop.’ Her eyes lit up, her smile widend and she went on a shortcut creating spree like none I’ve seen before as I sat there and wondered why IT Boy didn’t just tell her how to do it herself after the FIFTH phone call.

Reason #2: Work, Day 5.
I’d noticed throughout the week that a lot of the girls wear headphones to listen to CD’s while working. I thought this funny because they all had portable CD players sitting on their desks that were taking up valuable paperwork space when they have computers with CD players sitting UNDER the desks OUT OF THE WAY. AND! The computer can play MP3’s. That takes the CD capacity from 20 songs to over 120!!

To do the proper thing I ask Boss Man if it’s okay to just use the computer’s CD player and he says sure. As long as I’m able to use the computer to work, I can listen to all the music I want. SWEEEEET.

Friday I bring in a bunch of CD’s I had in my car. I go to install WinAmp. Won’t install. Error’s three times in a row. IT Boy happens to walk by a while later and I ask if there’s any particular reason WinAmp won’t install. He spews something about restricted access BS and that nobody is able to use WinAmp.

WOOHOO!! A challenge! I run the install again, this time I change the directory from ‘program files’ to ‘temp’ and it installs without a hitch. I had to mess around with the volume settings to get it to work through the headphones but 30 minutes later IT Boy walks by and I’m grooving to the Eagles and he has the most irritated look on his face. :mrgreen:

Reason #3: Work, Day 13.
There are four girls on my team at work. One has been out on sick leave since I started so I’ve never met her. We all share a printer. One of the big ‘ol four tray bastards. Anyway, when C and K print a nice little page comes out first with their name printed on it nice a big so that it’s easy to see which papers belong to which person. Mine don’t.

This is a pain inthe ass because my papers look like they belong to the person who printed before me and and so they are always getting lost in the mix. This could become and even WORSE problem when L gets back and even MORE is being regularly printed out.

Today I decided I had had enough. I noticed there are two different printers installed on my computer. Both have basically the same name (PXXX and PXXX_B) and point to the same physical printer. I call up IT Boy and ask him how to get my documents to print out with the cover letter.

Sit down. His answer is going to blow your mind.

He says to me, ‘I don’t know. I didn’t know there was a way to enable or disable it. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my printer to STOP doing it since I started here so if you can figure it out let me know!’


I sit down to my computer in utter disbelief. UTTER DISBEFUCKINGLEIF! I highlight PXXX and look at the description. I highlight PXXX_B and look at the description and all be damned if it didn’t have the line:

Comment: Batch page setup.

DING DING DING. I set printer B as the default printer and hit prind and LOW AND BEHOLD IT HAD A COVER SHEET!! Ilet C call him and tell him how to fix it.

It can’t possibly get any worse…

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  1. LOL!! That is hilarious, which I could have been a fly on the wall! Be careful you may have his job, lol!

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