To Heather:

I have to agree with your mom on the blond over dark hair. Something like hers. Here’s a pic of what I mean:

I think that would look really cute on you. AND I bet your mom would let you do it. 😉

I want Avril hair. I think she is freaking gorgeous. And her hair is her best feature. The long blond over dark just like it is on the front page picture here is what I’d like to eventually end up with. I need to get myself a straightening iron. WIth it and a professional color job I think I could get close.

4 thoughts on “To Heather:

  1. I like the blond over brown but i rather do brown over blond i like darker colors and i juss want something different. But i :heart: lindsey lohans hair in freaky friday id do anything for that hair.:D. Its multi streaks in different colors or something. Thanx 4 the advice:D.


  2. hey anna hit me up when you get here and i’ll show you the best irons to get. and you can use my discount!

  3. Opps forgot something.:lol:. The reason i want to do a crayon box color like pink(juss streaks:lol:)is because in a few years ill want a job and most likely i wont be able to have pink here at the job, unless i get a job at hot topic or torrid. That would be so awsome:lol:, but you have to have alot of job experince and its hard to get a job there.:cry:.
    :heart: Me

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