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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wearsafe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

In just 3 short days Cassidy will walk onto campus and attend her first class as a college Freshman. It is so hard to wrap my mind around that fact that my baby is a college student! I am so proud of her and so excited to see where this new adventure leads her as she makes new friends, learns new skills and life lessons, and is faced with new challenges as she tries new experiences.

I’m not going to lie though, it’s a moment I’ve been equally excited about and dreading. Did we do all we need to do as parents to prepare her for this adult world? Sure she knows how to cook her own food and do her own laundry and she’s just started learning how to pay her own bills. But you still worry as a parent! Are they eating? I know she’ll do that! That kid LOVES food! Does she have clean clothes to wear? Of course! She’s been doing her own laundry for years! Is she paying her bills! I hope so but she has an emergency credit card if anything pops up she can’t handle on her own.

My biggest question as she leaves to live this new independent life is: Is she safe?

wearsafe01But now I don’t have to worry about that because we are equipping her with the new wearable device called WearSafe. It’s a small, inconspicuous device that can alert a set group of people about a possible dangerous situation without drawing any attention at all. With just the push of a button it sends your location and audio without anybody around you even realizing it, while vibrating when your trusted contact views your information to let you know that help is on the way.

So Cassidy can press a button and Ben and I, and whoever else she has in her trusted network, can HEAR what is going on and see exactly where she is. Then, from a group chat we can coordinate to get her whatever help she needs on the way immediately. So before a situation even has the chance to escalate, she’ll know that we are there with her and are sending help. This has brought me so much peace of mind as she enters what will be long nights of study sessions, work and, yes, even those popular college parties.

Here she is with is clipped to her leggings. You wouldn’t even know it’s there if I didn’t point it out. It also comes with an attachment to put it on your car keys.wearsafe02

After setting it up we tested it out and it was so easy to use. After Cassidy hit the button I received an email, which also sent to my Apple Watch, and a text message alerting me that she was in need of assistance. I was immediately able to access her location on a map and start playing an exceptionally clear audio file that recorded everything that we were saying. I was also easily able to chat with her. Here is a screenshot of the really intuitive user interface.


The very best part? The device is FREE! You pay a $5.00 per month subscription fee but right now you can try it free. If you have kids you are sending off to college, or any kids really, I highly suggest checking it out for your own peace of mind.

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