New Year 2016 Fun!

Fun is always easy to have when Julie is here! Whether we have an adventure all planned out or just play it by ear, it’s always awesome. I think the best part to me is just getting to spend time with her. Long talks over lunch, laughing in the car or just walking around and exploring new parts of a city.

And the BEST part! No selfie judgment! No matter how many times I say, “Hold on! Let me selfie!” SHE GETS IT. *BIG HEARTS*

Here is an album of all my San Francisco photos. I know that some people get annoyed by how many photos I take but I LOVE that I can look back now and so many of these make me giggle and remind me of a really awesome day.

I’ll just share a few of my favorites now.




Cassidy tried to photobomb ever selfie she could.



Julie also happened to capture pretty much the absolute BEST PHOTO EVER TAKEN of Ben and I at dinner on New Years Eve. Pretty sure I’m going to get this one framed and hang it up somewhere.


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