Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

I get really annoyed by a lot of stuff on Facebook. I’ve used the “Hide All From” feature so much that probably half my friend’s posts don’t even show up in my feed anymore. I have a list of facebook posts that annoy me in my brain that I should probably share with you all at some point because everything in my brain is AWESOME.



The one post I HATE though, like REALLY HATE, are the “You don’t know struggle till…” type posts. Because I get it, you are at a low point right now, or were in the past. I totally feel you. You deserve to be proud that you pulled yourself out of that, or are trying to right now. And I affirm your feeling.

You can not, however, use YOUR struggle to diminish that of everybody else. There are people out there that are worse off. In the depths of your despair you may not feel like those people exist, BUT THEY DO. And for you to say that they CLEARLY can’t know what it’s like to REALLY struggle because you happen to be going through shit too makes you kind of an asshole.

We are all going through shit. Instead of invalidating my feelings by using your feelings, OFFER SUPPORT. Even if it’s just to let other people know that dude, I HEAR you. I HEAR your struggle.

I HEAR you.

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