Living life with Anna: The hike that didn’t happen.

Saturday we woke up and basically got our entire weekend To Do List done in one day. The entire day we kept saying to each other to just keep going and get it done because then tomorrow we can do NOTHING. And we did it!

So as we were getting into bed last night I was completely exhausted as we were making plans to get up and take the dogs for a walk at Harvey Bear. We knew it would be warm today so we wanted to start early. The plan was to get there at 8:00AM so we could complete the 7+ mile hike before it got too hot. Ben smartly told me that I needed to get myself up because I am kind of a grumpy asshole in the morning. Seriously, I hate MYSELF at 7:00AM.

So I set my iPhone alarm to go off at 7:05AM then again at a more realistic 7:30AM. I was going to wake up and be ready to go BEFORE BEN. I’d show him. I was going to ROCK that morning and KILL that hike and he was going to be like, “WOW! She is AWESOME!”

When the sun came up this morning I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and close the blinds, which we keep open all night because BREEZE, so I just put my eye mask on and went back to sleep.

Finally Ben quietly asked me if was hungry and wanted to go eat.

Me: Go eat!? What are you going to eat this early?!
Ben: I want a bagel.
Me: Are they even open this early?
Ben: I know they are.
Me: What time is it?
Ben: 9:30
Me: No it’s not. (He always lies the first time!)
Ben: It’s 8:15
Me: Shut up no it’s not, I’m serious that time is it?
Ben: It’s 8:15!
Me: It can’t be 8:15. That’s impossible!
Ben: Why?
Me: Because I set my alarm to go off at 7:05!
Ben: Uhhhhh…

So I roll over and sure enough it’s 8:15! THE HECK!?

Turns out that you shouldn’t set your alarm when you are so tired.

OOPS! :)

I’m pretty sure what happened is my heart was like YES! WE ARE AWESOME! LET’S ROCK THIS! And my brain was all AHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA NO! JOKES ON YOU! SUCKER!

Ben has the patience of a saint. He let me sleep in and it was GLORIOUS. He said he knew my heart was in the right place and it totally was. But still, this blonde streak is pretty much a daily occurrence and to stick with it for TWELVE years now it pretty amazing. Dammit, HE’S the awesome one!

The End.

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