An open letter to Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16.

An open letter to Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16.

I never really talk about my Big Brother obsession because not many of my friends actually watch the show but I just have to say something here because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, MAN.

1st of all, Amber told you within a few days of entering the house that she liked you as a friend. Period. She flat out said that she didn’t think of you the way you think of her. That should have been the end of your made up “relationship” but somehow in your mind that registered as “she just doesn’t want to talk about it in front of cameras but she actually likes me”. No.


All the live feeders watched in disgust as you basically tricked her into going on a “date”. The level of uncomfortable from her for that hour was so horrible I actually had to stop watching after about 15 minutes and wasn’t able to come back to it for almost a full day because it made ME uncomfortable. PROTIP: When a girl tells you she doesn’t see you in a romantic light, don’t talk about how excited you are for your parents to meet, then talk about your wedding, then insist she go on a week long cruise with you after she’s just been forced to spend 90 days in a house locked up with your obsessive behavior.

The thing that finally prompted me to write this letter was your recent “game move”. Let me be clear. That “game move” was a classic case of mental/emotional ABUSE. Yes, ABUSE.

After 50+ days of putting up with your ridiculous obsession with her (seriously, taking her clothes to wear around the house and stealing her crap to sleep with at night is BEYOND creep, man) and she stopped talking to you altogether, you decided that you needed to “teach her a lesson”. So you told Frankie to put her on the block so she’d be “so scared she’d be forced to come running back to you”.

SERIOUSLY? If you ever manage to get a girl to go out with you outside that house I will be flabbergasted. Also, understand that FORCING a girl to do ANYTHING is pretty much the epitome of a fucking douchebag. If a girl stops talking to you then just LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE. Don’t play games and mentally screw with her to FORCE her to be nice to you again.

But thank you, I guess? My almost 16 year old daughter loves to watch the show with me and I’ve been able to use your behavior as a great example of the kind of guy you NEVER want to date EVER.

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  1. YES. FUCKING YES. I was watching last night and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! and it’s HORRIBLE that Amber’s likely going home because other houseguests are scared of her, and Caleb gets to stay. What a fucking creep.

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