15 day till Christmas!

Only 15 day till Christmas! That’s just two weeks! I have to admit this year that I am WAY behind where I usually am. Generally the day after Thanksgiving when everybody is out fighting it out in stores for those Black Friday deals, I’m online checking out all the website and making lists and planning on what I’m going to grab on Cyber Monday. I’m a BIG fan of online shopping for Christmas since around this time of year stuff is on sale and you can catch free shipping deals. I’d much rather sit on my couch sipping a mimosa in my PJ while shopping than venture out in the cold to elbow through crowds. Plus, you get to browse all the pretties. Like, I love these necklaces!

HOWEVER, this year I slacked big time. Black Friday I was REALLY sick then on Cyber Monday too! I’ve purchased exactly two items for Christmas so far so I have a LOT of making up to do over the next 15 days. I’m actually a little overwhelmed. I don’t even have a list yet! Not just a list of what I want to get others but a list for what I want too!

So, how about you?

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