Back in the game!

After three weeks off because of all this horrible sinus crap that I’ve been going through, I got to do a FULL WORKOUT for the first time. I did have a bit of pressure during the squat track but I just paused to let my heart rate drop down a bit and was able to get back at it after resting for a rep or two. Normally I’d be really hard on myself for that but I’m not feeling to bad about the fact that it was only my head holding me back and not my body!

I did notice that while doing the deadlifts and deadrows that I have the tendency to pull my shoulders up towards my ears expecially towards the end of the track when those muscles are getting fatigued. I made sure to watch my form in the mirror after that and REALLY focused on my back and squeezing my shoulder blades together and MAN, can I feel it today. It’s such a good feeling! That slight twinge of soreness that reminds you that you are growing muscle and STRENGTH. I absolutely love it.

#lesmillspump Pump & Burn and #combat Kick Start. Made it all the way through Kick Start this time. What a fun workout! And TOUGH on the shoulders with weighted gloves on! #kickass #iworkout

And no I’m super excited to get back into a normal routine! Perhaps after an amazing massage. 😉

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