AllergyAnna off meds is not a happy person to be around.

So I’m totally winning at The Allergies this year. I’m choosing to look at the bright side of this because the never stopping pounding in my sinus cavity are fulfilling All The Negative and I like balance. Before yesterday I was taking 1 AllerClear as soon as I woke up. Then right after breakfast an antibiotic, Fluticasone nose spray and an Advil Allergy. Then the Advil Allergy ever four hours till dinner time. At dinner time it was another antibiotic and a Benadryl. If I had my way it would be Benadryl all day every day but unfortunately I need to actually be awake to function in what society considers a normal fashion. And you if you are on Benadryl all day ever day you most definitely require the use of a translation service to decipher the directions on the rest of the medication you are prescribed to take for two weeks that aren’t going to work!

So now, unfortunately, I have to be off ALL the meds except the antibiotic (only two pills left!) and the nose spray once a day. The nose spray is good because it works for ONE HOUR then stops but the allergist promised me that it takes about two weeks for it to really start working so there’s HOPE. And after my allergy testing Friday I can be back on all the rest of the medication. So today is going to be ROUGH. This is my public apology for anybody that has to deal with me between now and tomorrow afternoon. AllergyAnna off meds is not a happy person to be around.

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