We’re doing SOMETHING right.

Last night Cassidy and I sat on the couch to NOM our delicious tofu stir fry that she made for dinner since she had the day off school while Ben and I had to work. So we were watching one of our favorites, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives which was showing a really awesome seafood place in Maine and at one point the chef dropped a MASSIVE lobster into a pot of boiling water and my mouth watered as they ran down the list of ingredients for the lobster mac and cheese he was making.


I glanced over at Cassidy who had the fork half way to her mouth, jaw hanging down, completely frozen. She didn’t move for about 5 seconds so I was all…

Me: I KNOW RIGHT!? LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE! Do you hear that? That sound can only be angels singing in heaven.
Cassidy: It was… alive?
Me: Well, yes. At one point any meat you eat was alive.
Cassidy: It was alive when they dropped it into a POT OF BOILING WATER!
Me: Yeah… that’s pretty much how lobster is cooked unless you kill it by slicing it’s head in half first.
Cassidy: *dry heave*
Me: That’s why so many people don’t cook lobster at home. They can’t stomach that part.
Me: I don’t know how I’d like it, but I would eat that LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!

I could see tears actually start to well up in her eyes a bit and I had a feeling there would be another vegetarian stint but she ate some turkey chili tonight. The last few weeks have been rough with her and there are times when I question my sanity and wonder how I ever thought I’d be able to parent a teenage girl. Then there are times when she shows this kind of innocence and compassion and I’m reminded that, goddamn it, we’re doing SOMETHING right.

I haven’t figured out exactly what it is yet but it’s SOMETHING.

4 thoughts on “We’re doing SOMETHING right.

  1. I love lobster I don’t care how it has to be cooked. Its too yummy. 😀 Of course I also believe in the circle of life and that the food chain system works.

  2. That’s adorable. I definitely went through that phase too but never with seafood for some reason. Probably because my father was a fisherman and never treated seafood like living creatures.

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