Vintage Danica

YOUGUYS! Today is November 1st! It’s NaBloPoMo! I’ve never completed it! So this is your opportunity to watch me fail. AGAIN! YAY!

And also, because I know that Ben and I talk about Kumo a lot and it seems like sometimes we forget that we own another dog I just wanted to point out that’s not the case.

They have such different personalities. Kumo is all WHERE ARE YOU GOING IT DOESN’T MATTER I AM GOING TOO BECAUSE I NEED TO BE NEAR YOU WHEREVER YOU GO IN CASE YOU GET LOST OR ACCIDENTALLY DROP SOME FOOD OR JUST ACCIDENTALLY GET OUT OF MY LINE OF SIGHT BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE VERY VERY BAD. At times it’s cute and at times I’d like to get to go pee without having to hear him smell under the door to make sure I’m still in there even though he’s been sitting there staring at the door since I closed it.

Danica on the other hand will tolerate touching and human interaction when she feels we are worth it. She does get really excited when you come home after any amount of time though! She shakes her little stub around and squirms and does this even though she knows that we won’t pay any attention to her till she calms down. She’ll also acknowledge your general existence if you are in possession of any kind of substance that she could possibly consume. Most of the time though, she’s a loner. She doesn’t really like to sleep in bed with us and in the evenings she’d rather be on her own bed than on the couch cuddling and if she has a crate available, that is her first choice.

So it SEEMS like we take a LOT more pictures of Kumo than we do of Danica but that’s just because most of the time she’s wishing we would only exist at meal times while Kumo is constantly all up in your personal space.

But just because I always feel like an asshole when I post pictures of Kumo and not Danica I present:

Vintage Danica (November, 2009):


She doesn’t look all that different there but she was much smaller than Kumo when we bought her home. You can see the size difference here:

He's teaching Danica the way of the ball.

That puppy face still kills me.


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