Tune in tomorrow when I cry because the toilet paper is on the roll the wrong way.

You guys, I’M SORRY. I apologize in advance for how much this post sucks.

My day was just, you know, a day.

Wake up before the sun, dress in the dark, drive to work, still no sun yet, work, work, work, come home, run, come home, grocery store, come home, cook, eat, bath, and now here with Castle on in the background.

I’m kind of sad because I have to run AS SOON AS I get home or I will have to run in the dark. Tonight I ran back on the path that runs along the levy in our little town. They have a paved path but I like to run the dirt trail closer to the creek with one of the dogs and it started to get that gray dusk color and all of the sudden I was like… Ummm, this is kind of sketchy and I really want don’t have to have to use this pepper spray I carry so I’m going to ahead and get back on the main path.

And my legs are killing me because Kumo, who is SUCH A GOOD DOG in like EVERY OTHER WAY, pulls a lot on these runs and instead of focusing on my pace and form, I’m fighting him from pulling me and it causes my shins to THROB even when I have the wraps on. I swear the dude is the sit/stay king. He’ll sit while we walk 50 yards away then come when we tell him to. I will drop ANYTHING, including food, with a Leave It. He will sit in front of his food and drool PROFUSELY till you tell him Take It so he can eat. He is SO WELL BEHAVED. But put a leash on him and suddenly he turns into a neurotic freak that has to SMELL ALL THE SMELLS RIGHT NOW ALL OF THEM COME ON HURRY THERE ARE MORE SMELLS!

We made an appointment this Saturday for the local Cesar Milan to come do some one-on-one training with us. I’m so happy because I LOVE having one of them with me. People leave me alone, they get exercise, it’s a win/win. And Danica is like, the model dog. Walks perfectly beside me, then trots happily along when I’m running. I don’t even have to hold her leash, I just wrap it around my wrist and know that she’ll not pull at all.

So that was my day. My BIG EVENT was the dog dragging me around like a toy.

OH! No! There was one other thing. So for some reason after my run I was craving asparagus LIKE WHOAH. I don’t even. I blame it on aunt flow. Sometimes I crave chocolate, some times I crave brussel sprouts. I guess it could be worse.

So we are at the grocery store and I’m talking non-stop about how we need to NOT FORGET TO GET ASPARAGUS And Cassidy is like I GET IT! ASPARAGUS! SHUT UP.

So we get to where the asparagus usually is and… there’s carrots instead. I walk a big circle around the vegetable section like three times and I’m SO MAD at myself for not buying it when Ben saw it on Sunday and suggested I buy it but I said no, I wanted FRESH asparagus on the day I made it. And now there is NONE and Cassidy is suggesting other things.


And I’m like, I’m about to cry. Because my legs hurt so bad and it’s already dark and late and THERE IS NO FUCKING ASPARAGUS IN THIS STORE and just as I’m about to just say FUCK ALL THIS, leave the basket where it is and drive to In & Out and gorge my sorrows on an animal style burger… I see it. They moved the damn asparagus to an island at the front of the section. Because it’s on sale.

And then instead of tears of frustration, I’m actually wiping away tears of joy and Cassidy is like DUDE! You’re totally losing your mind.

So I have like one or two days at the beginning of THAT TIME where I turn into a little bit of a fucking mess and guess what, you get a front row seat!

Tune in tomorrow when I cry because the toilet paper is on the roll the wrong way.

2 thoughts on “Tune in tomorrow when I cry because the toilet paper is on the roll the wrong way.

  1. Oh dear. Sounds like a stressful day!

    Dax is the same when it comes to being on the lead but he also growls, barks, whines and tries to attack other dogs too. It’s no fun at all and makes me never want to walk him.

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