One and a half weeks down, two and a half to go! BRING IT!

A little over a week ago tonight I made a bet with Ben. At the time I was like I AM SO SMART! I AM TOTALLY GOING TO WITH THIS BET, YO! A week later I’m realizing that this bet was an EVIL TRICK! By my EVIL HUSBAND!

Because of this bet I’ve lost TWO POUNDS! I’ve started running again! I’ve pumped iron! I’m sleeping better! I’m… HEALTHIER!

Let me explain, at the time I had a KILLER sinus headache and he mentioned that it was probably because I’ve been eating crap lately. And I have. I’m not gaining weight, just maintaining, but I haven’t been making the most awesome decisions. I mean, I’m only baking one cake a week. And just because I bought seven kinds of cheese the other day? And maybe I might have accidentally become addicted to Diet Pepsi again… suddenly ANY AILMENT I HAVE is diet related. So I bet him that I would eat healthy for a week and that I’d STILL have a sinus headache and at the end of it he’d have to say to me that he was wrong and I was right. OUT LOUD. TO MY FACE.

Then he was all, DO IT FOR A MONTH! And I said FINE!


Prepare to be WRONG, buddy!

I take my bets very seriously. VERY. SERIOUSLY.

It’s ON! There is no motivation in the world like having to hear the man you love with all your heart tell you that he’s was wrong and you were right.

I’m so sure that I’m going to win this bet that I should have added some money into the mix so that I could have played some online bingo, upped my money and bought some new jeans for my new tiny waist! 😉

One and a half weeks down, two and a half to go! BRING IT!

3 thoughts on “One and a half weeks down, two and a half to go! BRING IT!

  1. me and my roomie went walking/jogging on this levy behind our apartment a few days ago. it was supposed to be an everyday thing. but so far… we have only done it that one time. bet or no bet i just never have motivation to exercise.

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