August 30 Day Photo Challenge

I’ve decided to do the August 30 Day Photo Challenge. And I don’t mean to be nitpicky but there are 31 days in August so it just feels so unbalanced to me! Like, what about the 31st? It’s just going to be left out, cold and alone and sad.

So I’m going to start on the second instead so that all month long my numbers will be off. Like today yesterday is was the 2nd and I’m posting picture #1 which actually makes my brain shudder. And it’s only the first day. By the 31st I’m going to be having all out cold sweats and talking in strange run on sentences.

So technically you won’t notice anything different.

OH! And also, I’m back dating this blog post to yesterday, the 1st, so that it makes some kind of sense. Order wise.

So I’m cheating already.



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