Copping out.

I know that bullet point posts are kind of a cop out and so here I go. Copping out.

  • Work is busy. Like stupid busy. Like, most days I don’t have time at work to do anything BUT work and on my breaks instead of taking 15 minutes to catch up on social networks, I’ve been taking time to gobble up books on my Nook Color.
  • I got a Nook Color! It was an early Mother’s Day present from my mom. I got it two weeks ago and so far I’ve read Water for Elephants (so-so writing, adorable story), The Hunger Games trilogy (fantastic story and writing till the last 1/4 of book 3 which felt rushed and disappointing but still excited for Cassidy to read them) and just started on Divergent (Miss Zoot, who I love and and share reading likes with, loved it).
  • This is the first weekend we got to RELAX for awhile. It felt so good. There were no plans and no schedule so I spent it alternating between reading and cleaning. The good kind of cleaning. Scrubbing floors and baseboards and laundry and purging closets and drawers. It felt good.
  • I’m currently typing this while watching the Survivor finale. I still maintain that if Phillip wins I will never watch this show again. Till next year.
  • I have been really lazy and did not work out at all last week (see first bullet, after all that work, I just want to come home and RELAX). I plan on stopping this trend tomorrow. For real.
  • I can not believe that Becca has blogged EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS YEAR. I feel like such a slacker.
  • Survivor is almost to the beginning of hour two where they announce the winner and Ben said he’s DONE WITH THIS DAY once we know who’s won so I’m going to stop now. One thing I make sure not to miss every day is night time cuddle time with him. Best part of the day.

3 thoughts on “Copping out.

  1. Anna, I hear ya loud and clear about the long work days and the lack of working out. If I’ve been in the office for 11 or 12 hours, I want to come home and DUMP MY BRAIN. Also, I hear it’s not a good idea to work out right before bed. On those days, I get home just in time to gobble down a quick dinner, take a shower, and go straight to bed. SUCK.

    I’ve got to get back on that wagon–once these migraines wear off….

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