Pretty soon I will have ALL OF YOU as obsessed with Zoya as I am.

So about 8 years ago I decided to finally stop READING blogs and writing on one. I bought which doesn’t really make any sense because I was already separated from my husband and in the process of divorcing him changing my name back to my maiden name and I don’t know maybe it was late at night or something!

ANYWAY, I bought a domain.

And then in late 2004 I bought and this is pretty much were I plan on being forever and ever and ever. I hate it when my favorite bloggers bounce around from domain to domain. Pick one, man!

Last weekend at a family reunion we sat around and talked about how cool it was to have sites like facebook to keep in touch from across the country and my dad, pointing out what a huge geek I am, told them that I facebook and tweet and have my own domain.

I kind of sat there nervously giggling and mentally trying to count the number of times I referred to tween boys as motherfuckers in my last post and hoping that one where an iPhone’s alarm clock outsmarts me had fallen off the front page. The domain name never came up though so I breathed a little sigh of relief.

THEN! My dad went and added me to the family facebook group and I had to be worried all over again. And now I’m dealing with the fact that the beautiful illusion of ladylike charm I fooled them all with was pretty much a waste of time.

Except for my Uncle Ted who managed to drop into a conversation that he read my last TWEENS SUCK BALLS rant. I often times forget that some of them already know and read this. So I just wanted to point out to my Uncle Ted that I’ve only said motherfucker once in this post (well, twice now) and that was only because I was quoting… myself.

HI UNCLE TED! *waves*

I’m pretty sure there was a point to all this somewhere…


Because I love you all and because I love my blog, even though I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the reason I stop getting invited to family gatherings, and because this little blog has started to actually become profitable, I wanted to say thank you to all my blog friends. The family that read, the online friends I’ve made, the friends I have in real life and read, ALL OF YOU!

And because I really love Zoya.

Mainly because I really love Zoya.


I’m giving away two bottles of your choice of Zoya nail polish. Pick two bottles, any two bottles, and I’ll have them shipped to you!

1) American residents only. Sorry, kids, I’ll try and do something international sometime.
2) Three ways to enter:

  • One comment here in the comment section to enter. (1 entry)
  • Post about the contest on your own blog and comment here with the link. No need to make it a separate or long post, a line at the beginning or end of a post you were already going to write is fine! (1 entry)
  • Like my BRAND NEW JUST FOR THIS POST Facebook fan page then comment here that you’ve liked it. (1 entry)

For each item, leave a comment here (so three total entries).
3) You’ll have to give me your address so if you think I’m as crazy as I actually am, understand that you will be giving your address to a crazy person.
4) Comments will be closed Friday at midnight and I’ll pick a winner on Saturday using and the winner posted either Saturday or Sunday. I’ll be at a band performance all day Saturday with Cassidy so it will most likely be Sunday.

So good luck! I wish I could give free nail polish to EVERYBODY! Now go pick your colors! Let me just temp you with these awesome beauties I got two weeks ago:

Zoya Sunshine collection

31 thoughts on “Pretty soon I will have ALL OF YOU as obsessed with Zoya as I am.

  1. This is the FIRST giveaway I’m trying for! lol

    *Admin edit – Took your address out. If you win, I’ll email you to get it. Better safe than sorry! 🙂

  2. Not an an entry, because I want to leave the Zoya goodness for others, but let me just say that I LOVE ZOYA. I have seen the light. I have an order on the way. 😀

  3. Well I suck… I thought I had to leave my address and it was gonna be moderated… so embarrassed! I fail. I’ll redo this after I get some sleep….

  4. I liked you on Facebook! I need to work on mine, it’s been sitting there for weeks. I guess doing it for work makes me not want to do it for myself.

  5. DUDE. I am ruined — RUINED!! — for nail polish now. I had never heard of Zoya until you posted about their free nail polish deal where you just pay for shipping. And I have not loved my other nail polishes (or any since) the same. OPI and Zoya are tied for my love and Zoya might just be edging them out, although I wish I could get it locally.

    ANYWAY. I’m leaving a comment. And I will be putting this up on my Tumblr. Because FREE. Also, because you are awesome!

  6. I’m not a huge nail polish freak and don’t own ANY right now but I’ve seen their colors and with summer coming up, I definitely want to get some.

  7. Gimme. I am not above wanting free nail polish because I am a cheap, cheap woman. Plus its shiny. And your nails look awesome all the time. I need something to improve on this hot mess that is myself!

  8. I would love to enter!
    This is me entering!

    I never was really into painting my nails but recently after getting a manicure in the city with my friend (she said it would be good for me – and oh my gosh was it) I have really enjoyed having my nails done. Well, now I paint them myself because having them done is just ridiculous and expensive when you’re broke like I am. I would love to have some beautiful nail polish as I start my collection!

  9. I’ve just recently started letting my family know about my blog, and mostly because they keep expecting me to tell them what’s going on with the kids. Busy!

    Free Zoya? Yes, please! I’ve been trying to rebuild my nail polish collection, as I’d like to actually start resembling a human again soon.

  10. I am not entering because I have way too many nail polishes esp from Zoya, but I wanted to tell everyone that their products are awesome. There colors are so beautiful and they have such a huge range of colors!

    Congrats to ever wins! Your going to love them!!

  11. Entering 🙂 I liked you on the facebook page…and I actually like you in person as well 🙂


  12. Aaah! I’m not sure if I’m too late since it’s not quite midnight for you yet, but I thought I’d try to enter because I love Zoya, too! Not only do I love the huge color selection, but I love that they’re all natural and I can paint Layla’s nails with them and not worry about the crazy chemicals in standard polishes.

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