And then there were 4.

This weekend our friends Kim and Melanie went up to San Francisco to celebrate Kim’s birthday so we dogsat their adorable two dogs Reyna and Maizy. Reyna is a fuzzy, adorable, sweetheart Australian Shepard and Maizy is a seriously cute Terrior/Jack Russel mix that you just want to cuddle and dress up in cute clothes.

For a day and a half they played, and played and played and played AND PLAYED. It was pretty cute. I tried to get some good DSLR shots of the two of them but they WOULD NOT HOLD STILL. Maizy LOVED to chase Samus around and Samus spent pretty much all day today taunting her, then running away, then chasing her around the living room. I SWEAR that kitten is convinced she’s a dog. A very BIG DOG. One day she’s going to wake up and realize that she’s just a silly little cat and she’s going to hate herself.

Danica and Reyna spent the day chasing Kumo all around the house. Girls against poor boy. The poor boy loved every single second.

Since Reyna and Maizy left a few hours ago Kumo, Danica and Samus have all been curled up on their various beds sawing logs. Tired dogs are good dogs.

And I’m about to join them.

Full couch.  :)

There's a very good chance I'm never going to give this puppy back to her parents.

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