This is why I don’t post every day.

I wish I had cute stories and funny anticdotes to share with you every single day but lately life has just been… being lived! Work has been INSANE busy, Ben is still recovering from his latest knee surgery, Cassidy is, well, 12. That’s a whole post in itself that I’m not sure I’m in the frame of mind to write right now.

So here’s how my posts would look if I posted every day (No, I didn’t forget about Cassidy, she is at her dad’s for the week since she has the week off school):

Got up at 5:00AM for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW to the sounds of Danica throwing up on our bedroom floor. Three times. I finally had the presence of mind the THIRD time to find a towel and throw it under her face so I didn’t have to scrub puke out of the carpet.

Went back to bed.

Woke up at 8:30AM to the sound of Danica whining to go out. Ben and I tried to argue who would have to get up. I lose.

Get up, let dogs out. Start cinnamon rolls on the oven (didn’t they used to be a LOT bigger? I swear they have shrunk by half in the last few years), clean the kitchen a bit, feed the dogs, get cinnamon rolls out, hike upstairs to tell Ben I made them, come downstairs and eat three, clean the downstairs bathroom a bit, eat two more, give Danica stomach medicine, start a load of laundry.

Then sat down and watch TV for a bit. Ben asks if we are still going to Los Gatos Cafe today. When I mentioned it yesterday he mentioned wanting to eat healthy and I pointed out that you CAN eat healthy there (I didn’t. HA!) so I thought he didn’t want to go. Really glad I was wrong!

Shower, get out. Am doing makeup when I realize that I think I have some gray hair! I can’t really tell because it’s hard to see the top of your own head and I thought about plucking one I thought was gray but realize if I don’t pluck I can still live in denial and convince myself that it’s just the way the sunlight was hitting my hair.

Beautiful day!

Head to Los Gatos Cafe. It’s a beautiful day outside. BEAUTIFUL! There are perfect fluffy clouds in the sky and the air is clean and we can see snow on the top of the mountains around San Jose. We get to the restaurant and wait, there is ALWAYS a wait there but they have fresh coffee while you wait and it’s fun to people watch there. Los Gatos is full of pretty rich people and I realize that out of the 15 girls waiting, 14 of them are wearing black leggings and uggs. I am #15 in jeans, sparkly Chucks and a gray hoodie. I giggle to myeslf.

Eggs Alexandria at Los Gatos Cafe. So good!  The artichoke hearts are what make it!

During lunch Ben says that my eyes look beautiful today. I swoon.


Come home. Empty the dishwasher, finish cleaning the bathroom.

We decided to take the dogs for a trip to PetSmart. We are trying to get Kumo to stop being so spazzy in public. He’s not mean or vicious, just SO EXCITED TO BE AROUND PEOPLE AND DOGS AND WOOHOO!! Danica is like, whatever. Lets just walk around and smell stuff and buy me a toy.

Take the dogs home.

Go to Home Depot to buy some boring house stuff. Go to Kohls to see if we can find some new hoodies. Can’t. They are getting rid of all the winter stuff and it’s slim pickings. I do, however, find a most excellent Dunder Mifflin tshirt for $9.00. SCORE!

Come home, change out laundry. Sit down and start watching the Daytona 500. I already know who wins and about the big wreck on lap 29 so after that I pick up my laptop and start to try and fix my iPhone. I accidentally deleted the iPod shortcut the other day and I can’t just sync because that will erase all my data. And okay, I REALLY love my iPhone but sometimes Apple does some really stupid shit and this is one of them. I should have the option to sync what is on my phone NOW into iTunes then readd the one app I want but no, because I’ve had to reinstall Windows since the last app sync, I’m screwed.

And now I’m posting this and I have to hurry because Ben is hungry and is starting to look at me like FEED. ME. NOW!

This is what old boring peopled do. NOTHING.

OH! I’m starting a round of P90X tomorrow. Julie and I are going to BRING IT. If you want to join us let me know!! It’s all about keeping each other motivated and encouraging one another to keep going.

The End.

3 thoughts on “This is why I don’t post every day.

  1. I just like seeing your posts so you could write like this every day for me! Plus, your days sound much more exciting than mine anyway. You actually go places!

    I keep trying P90X but I just don’t have the time or the energy to work out for 75 minutes per day, every day. Good luck with it! I’ve only ever got up to week four.

  2. Oh my gosh I can’t believe that is ONE DAY. I wish I had that much to blog about every day. LUCKY.

    I’m glad you’re out living life. Life is great when it’s being lived. It’s fun to share things when you have a chance but it’s good to know that you’re out having a great life. I’m content to not hear from you as often if that’s the case.

    Haha I used to work in an area where all anyone ever wore was leggings and uggs. I felt so out of place all the time. Oh well. I think now with my current attitude I would just think I was special instead. Especially if I was wearing a sparkly hoodie. I totally would have giggled and felt SUPER special.

    Yay for your P90X! You bring it! I am bringing it at my gym too and it feels GREAT!! 😀

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