Introducing: Samus Aran Hirsch

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ve already heard about this but there is enough cute to warrant a blog post and I did one for Hans and one for Danica. Apparently I didn’t do one for Kumo. FAIL.

teh cute.

I’ve wanted a kitten for awhile for a few reasons. One, KITTEN! Two, when we introduced Kumo to Hans we royally fucked up. We didn’t ACTUALLY do an introduction if fact. We were letting Kumo smell around upstairs the day we got him and Hans came out of Cassidy’s room and saw him and tried to kill him. I’m not exaggerating in the least. It was a full on, claws out, teeth out, attack that drew blood and left Kumo with an understandable fear of the entire feline species.

Over time we’ve gotten him to somewhat relax around KC enough that they can be on the bed together on Saturday mornings and as long as nobody makes any kind of sudden movement. But Hans, no. If Hans and Kumo happen to see each other IT. IS. ON.


We’ve been wanting to “reintroduce” Kumo to cats but knew that it would be best if it was a kitten and one that young enough to not hate dogs yet. We though about “borrowing” a kitten from somebody but I wasn’t sure exactly how to word it without seeming like a douche. “HI! Can we borrow your kitten for a few hours, or a day, and if our dog doesn’t eat it, we’ll totally bring it back!”

So then last week our friend Lisa posted on Facebook saying that the San Jose Animal Shelter had kittens for $10 that had already been fixed, microchipped, de-wormed and had shots. I didn’t even ask Ben because I figured that his automatic answer would be NO! So when HE brought it up to ME I did a little happy dance and was like YES LETS GO ADOPT CUTE!


We picked out Samus Aran (Sammy for short) after visiting with two others because as soon as she was handed off to Ben she started purring so loud I could hear it five feet away. She was sweet and calm and just ADORABLE.

After two days of diligent patience, Kumo finally came around! The first day I wasn’t sure that he was going to be able to get over the fear because when we got the two of them close to each other, even though either he or she was in a crate with a door between them, he would lay on the floor and SHAKE. It broke my heart.

Clean ears.

But then something just… changed. I’m not sure what it was but I went to get her out of her crate and he ran up to me, sniffed her nose to nose and they have been playing beautifully ever since! And actually, she PREFERS to play with Danica because Danica is more rough with her while Kumo follows the two of them around and kind of fathers her! He is always going to check on her and see where she is and regulating Danica when she’s getting a little to rough with her.

This afternoon they played for FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS when I got home from work. It’s exhausting just WATCHING them but it absolutely makes my heart melt.

10 thoughts on “Introducing: Samus Aran Hirsch

  1. She is so cute! She looks just like our kitten Chase! And having kittens with dogs ends up being really fun when they get older. We’ve had 2 kittens with our dogs, and they both now think they are also dogs. They join in on pack activities, like following Mom around, trying to go outside with the dogs, etc. They even play, cuddle, and sleep with the dogs, it’s awesome!

  2. Stop already! When you post this kind of stuff Cherie thinks it is a sign we should get another animal. No, no, no, no…

    I LIKE being able to sleep through the night without a cat crawling across or perching on my back.

    But Sammy is one cute kitty!

  3. I loooooooooooooooove her! It’s funny because it worked for us having the kittens, too. Audrey doesn’t mind the dogs, but they’re boring for her. Sully and Rom actually seek out the dogs to play with, and it does — it totally meeeeeeeeeelts you!

  4. If I ever got myself a cat…I would get one like that. She’s beautiful! And that name, how lovely. Any beast named for a video game character is awesome in my book.

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