Gratuitous Puppy Faces.

Ben’s dad came to visit this weekend and like every single guest that we have at the house, Kumo instantly thinks that we’ve brought home this new person to be his BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND EVER! It happened with my dad, and then with Julie and Chris and then every single time my little brother comes to spend a few days with us.

He really seems to prefer men and I almost feel bad because when we have one that visits Kumo will follow them around and give them THE FACE. The face that makes you believe that there must be a Santa Clause and that double rainbows REALLY ARE THAT COOL and will make you stop doing whatever you are doing to throw the ball.

It’s this face:

Whatcha' doin?

Then, just like every time we have visitors, when his dad left this afternoon Kumo stood at the door wondering when his new BEST FRIEND FOREVER was going to come back. How about now? What about now? Now?

Maybe if I just go lay on my pet beds and look sad enough he’ll come back. Maybe if I play really cute with one of my pet toys they’ll feel sorry for me and get me a new friend.

Danica is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. After the initial 10 seconds of excitement from a new person being in the house she picks one of the pet carriers and hibernates for the rest of the visit because unless they are carrying bacon in their pockets she’s really not very interested.

She maintains Indifferent Face:

Pretty, pretty princess

And thus concludes the gratuitous shots of our adorable puppy faces.

1 thought on “Gratuitous Puppy Faces.

  1. I know THE FACE all too well. My little dog will sit there and stare at you with THAT FACE until you give him any sort of attention. He is such an attention whore, that’s for sure!

    And if a new person comes over, forget it, he’s going in his his crate or I’ll gate him off upstairs because he turns into a wild child. Its rather embarrassing, so I just avoid the situation all together.

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