Friday is so full of Random.

So is this post.

And lots of hard breaks.

Because they’re fun.


They really get the point across.

Like, THIS SENTENCE is DIFFERENT than the last and deserves to be on it’s own.

So does this one.

This one too.


Cassidy has an 82.91% in math, the class she really struggles with, which is a B. A regular B (minus the minus) is 83%. That .09% added that bastard minus to the B and she has to have B’s or better to continue band. Our rule, not the school’s. Since tests are 30% of her grade, I think if she’d have gotten just ONE MORE QUESTION right on her test she’d be above the 80%.

I can’t actually figure it out though because, according to the website the class is weighted as:

30% – Test
20% – Homework
20% – Quiz

So. Where is the other 30% coming from? Is it based on how adorable and happy the kids look while doing the HOURS of homework at night? Because if so, Cassidy should totally have an A++++++++ EXCELLENT STUDENT WILL DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN!!

Don’t you just love Ebay?

And pie?


This morning about .526 seconds after I got into work at 6:00AM one of the managers asked me if I’d come in tomorrow for some overtime and since it was so early my brain was all OMG OVERLOAD SERVICE UNAVAILABLE!! 503 ERROR! ABORT!! ABORT!!

So I used the “I have to check with my husband to make sure we didn’t have plans already” excuse.

So I messaged Ben.

Then he messaged back that when he went to bend over at the dog park his back went all haywire and I kind of feel like I’m responsible because I was looking for a valid reason not to have to work. Like, I wanted to tell the truth but I didn’t want the truth to be “Because I don’t fucking want to.”

Sorry, Ben. 🙁

I made ThePioneerWoman’s Steak with Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce last night but I added sauteed mushrooms too. OH. MY. GOD. I died and came back to life after every bite. It was a religious experience that I recommend everybody try at least once in their lives.

I’m going to reread Twilight then New Moon again so that Cassidy and I are prepared for the movie. Cassidy won’t have to read them again since she’s already read them 73 times each. Also, she wore some shirt to school on Wednesday that said something about how ‘every girl has to have a vampire’ or something. She’s totally Team Edward according to her backpack and you aren’t even allowed in her room unless you profess that Edward is, in fact, where you allegiance lies according to the handmade sign on her door.

Reading New Moon again is going to be a chore. It was my least favorite till I read Breaking Dawn, DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON BREAKING DAWN, but the movie looks promising and I want to go in fully prepared to be able to pick it apart with the rest of the internet the next day.

I think that might be all I have for now.


I’m knitting again. I really missed it. Knitting is fun and productive and yarn smells good. Did you know that?

Also, official list of COMPLETE SEASONS of shows I’ve watched (while working, heh) in the last 3 months:

Gossip Girl: Seasons 1-3
Booth: Seasons 1-5
Dexter: Seasons 1-3
True Blood: Season 1
Six Feet Under: Season 1-3 (need to finish this series)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Seasons 1-7 YES! SEVEN!
Angel: Seasons 1-5

And actually, I watched Buffy Season 1-3 then started having to rotate in Angel so that the crossover episodes would make sense. So, an episode of Buffy, an episode of Angel, and episode of Buffy, an episode of Angel. It went pretty much that way except for a few times when the crossover made more sense if you watched one or the other more than once before picking up the other again according to the Buffy/Angel crossover guide website. There’s a website for that!

Did that just make sense?

I hope so.

Also, I’ll totally repeat that process again sometime in the future because cheesy vampire and corny slayer jokes are awesome. Also, Buffy and Spike totally belong together. Also, I kind of have a crush on Warewolf Seth Green.

Also, the ending of the last show of the last season of Angel was lame.

I hate when they do that to shows I love.

Okay, NOW I think I’m done.

Yes, I am!


7 thoughts on “Friday is so full of Random.

  1. I think I’d still let her do band even with the B- depending upon how she does with her homework since some kids aren’t good at testing, especially with a specific subject and depending on how good grades are for the other classes. But you’re the momma. :-p

    Overtime rocks and sucks at the same time. *skips twilight section completely*

  2. Gotta love random posts! They’re the best way to start the day. I hope Cassidy can get her math grades up. Math was always my worst subject so I feel her pain. However, my mother was strict and enforced the “nothing less than an A” rule and now I’m enjoying finding the tangent of right-triangles in my house.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading the Twilight book. I’m not really a fan but since your daughter says Team Edward, I’ll take her word for it! lol @ cheese sauce paragraph.

  3. I should have been more clear about the grades! It’s the quarter grade we are going to look at for band and this is just the 3rd week of school. Luckily, her school uses this really cool program/website that they update daily for homework and then at the end of chapters for total grades. Since she just finished a module of math, we can see what her overall grade is. She only missed 1 point of homework out of like 50 so she did GREAT there, it’s just the quiz and test that hurt her. But now we know what to work on to get her above that 83% which is why I love that website.

    We’re actually working to get her tested for dyslexia because she seems to have some problems along those line ESPECIALLY in the math department.

  4. Ask the teacher where the missing 30% is. In higher grades it is often for class participation. If not, then what…

    The steak sounds delightful. When I make pot roast I blend blue cheese into the pan dripping for the gravy. It really does go well with beef. Too bad I’m the only one in the house that will eat it… NOT! ;>)

    Though you didn’t mention it the grass in the back looks great!

    As much as I love my granddaughter, we part ways on Twilight.

    You are the epitome of the T.V. generation… or wait, was that my generation?

  5. Dang, I could have used that crossover website! We started watching Buffy, and when we got to the point where Angel left I asked Peter if we should figure out where the crossover eps happen and try to watch them both at the same time, but we just watched Buffy all the way through, and have now moved onto Angel. I am really not loving Angel to be honest. I mean, how did Cordelia just become this higher being in just 2 short seasons? That does not seem likely, especially with all the work the Scooby Gang did, and did any of them EVER get rewarded? No. But I LOOOOOVE Buffy! And I like Buffy and Spike too. And what is with this whole Cordelia and Angel love arc? Eww!

  6. Whoa by that much of a % that sucks, she looks so grown up now!

    Yeah get her tested for dyslexia best thing my rents ever did, got more help at school and exams 🙂 And the plus side is I cannot be called stupid 😛

  7. Amanda,
    Another thing to mention about Cassidy/band, is that while the grade is part of the story, as much as the grade is the ultimate ‘on paper’ benchmark for how well she’s doing, …having spent……MANY…..hours with Cassidy and math, my larger concern is that due to her lack of understanding of some key concepts (some of which she should already know, and some of them they’re building on this year, but moving forward with them believing the kids already understand), she is really genuinely struggling with math.

    She should know her multiplication tables (and we’ve spent lots of time with her, both Anna and I have, but she still does not). She should have a good base understanding of decimals and how they work and what they mean by now…, but she does not. She should have a good working knowledge of fractions by now (but again….she does not).

    So, this year (6th grade), as they go to build on that base knowledge, she’s (undoubtedly) feeling lost (“Guyyyys… where ARE we?”). And as much as both anna and I have spent many, many hours of dedicated time, those are some of the issues slowing her down, along with her concern about looking foolish asking questions in class (so she’ll skip the question asking, get home, and then Anna/myself will end up having to teach her the concept, instead of practicing the concept with her. This ends with us not spending enough couple time together, so on top of us wanting Cassidy to succeed, it hinders couple time.

    So, as a general reminder, while it’s always easy to say ‘be easy on the kid, let them do band’, at the root of it all, it’s really not that simple.

    On a daily basis, she ends up spending ‘hours’ on math. She gets tutoring on wednesdays afterschool from her math teacher, but I will honestly not be suprised if this year, she learns what it is like, to fall down (in a school subject). Hopefully it will be a rude awakening (shrug / sigh).

    Caring can be a heavy thing 🙂

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