I am so awesome that it’s like a VORTEX OF AWESOME that is SO STRONG it can SUCK PEOPLE THROUGH THE TUBES OF AWESOMENESS and land them on my AWESOME WEB PAGE.

On July 6th, 2009 I posted the following comment on this post about what an idiot Kathy Lee Gifford is. I wanted to give fair warning so that people would understand that my BLOG is NOT a CONTACT FORM to get a message to either Kathy Lee Gifford or Hoda Kotb. Clearly, the message didn’t seem to make it through.

Dear Internet People,

This is a BLOG POST and is not, in any way, some kind of contact form to get ahold of Hoda or Kathy. STOP LEAVING YOUR CRAZY ASS INSANE fanmail here.


This is your warning: From now on if you try to use my BLOG COMMENTS as an attempt to contact either of them I’ll repost it in a blog on the front page and include all your contact info and encourage people to send you goatse and other non-welcome emails. THEN MAYBE YOU WILL GET THE POINT.

The Management

So here you go, reader. Sure it’s not a comment talking about how OMGAWESOME Hoda or Kathy are and it’s not in ALL CAPS but I did make a threat and I intend to follow through. Also, yesterday was a busy day and I kinda needed the laugh. Also, THE GRAMMAR!


New comment on your post #1075 “Dear Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb,”
Author : Geneve Honrbuckle (IP: ,
E-mail : genevehornbuckle@yahoo.com
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Koda, I sorry about what I heard you say on the July 27th show about the incident in Cambriag when the professor refussed to show ID that he was a resident there. It sounded a little like you were doing some rasical profiling toward police officers when they were trying to protect this mans property. I just thing it is a shame that we are already to blame the ones who are out there trying to protect us everyday. I saw a pictice once of a police office looking down a very dark alley and the caption said You would’t go down that alley for a million dollars, but he goes down it for a whole lot less. I think that say a lot.

And not to be outdone, just today I got an email from Vicki and MAN WAS IT AWESOME. It was probably the best comment I’ve ever gotten. It was so awesome that I’m thinking about printing and framing it so that I can hang it on the wall in the living room. Maybe what I should do is start gathering all these fabulous little gems in a shrine. That way when people come over to visit I can be all, “Look how AWESOME I AM! I am so awesome that it’s like a VORTEX OF AWESOME that is SO STRONG it can SUCK PEOPLE THROUGH THE TUBES OF AWESOMENESS and land them on my AWESOME WEB PAGE.”

Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

Author : Vicki (IP: , adsl-70-234-152-84.dsl.tul2ok.sbcglobal.net)
E-mail : dixieduo@sbcglobal.net
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Dear Kathy Lee and Hoda

I am disturbed that so many women said that about Sarah Palin. The way I see it she didn’t set women back she advanced them. I believe she did the best she could and jumped out there in the light and so she didn’t win she still made the effort. I haven’t seen any other women jumping out and going for it. Give her some slack. Look in your own family closets and realize that she is like all of us. Average American Family with all the faults like everyone else, but she took the chance and that my friends says it al.

It was so awesome, in fact, that I felt it warranted an awesome response so I sent this back.


If you had taken a few seconds to read the comments on my blog post about Kathy and Hoda you’d have seen that I am in NO WAY affiliated with them. They will never see the comment you just left because, as I state VERY CLEARLY, it’s MY blog, not an email form to get ahold of them.

That being said…

I’m going to name off a few people who’s names you might be familiar with:

Condoleezza Rice
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Sandra Day O’Connor
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Nancy Pelosi

Those are all very powerful women in the US political system and all of them fought to get to where they are today. Meaning: They didn’t ride the coat tails of a more powerful man to get there. Well, I guess you could say that Hillary did that in some respect BUT she didn’t just QUIT when things didn’t work out for her. She picked herself back up, fought for what she believed in and made a name for HERSELF. And she ran HERSELF for president. How in the hell is it that you can sit there and say that no other women are “going for it”? I assume Kathy and Hoba said something to upset you but I can tell you, it’s never good to present an opposing view with completely biased and false information.

Before being handed the VP nomination 99.78% of the American population had no idea who the hell sarah Palin was! Now she’s not even a politician. She’s a just a normal citizen like you and me. Because she gave up. Sure she can try and run again for something but there’s a fat chance after her record and her pathetic public showing during her “going for it” stage so she doesn’t really stand a good chance of being elected for ANYTHING anymore. She decided that making a lot of money was more worth it to her.

Also, you might try searching for the official Today show page for Kathy and Hoda. I’d assume NBC.com would be a good place to start…

Sometimes these little gems land in my inbox and it really wouldn’t be fair of me to keep them to myself.



8 thoughts on “I am so awesome that it’s like a VORTEX OF AWESOME that is SO STRONG it can SUCK PEOPLE THROUGH THE TUBES OF AWESOMENESS and land them on my AWESOME WEB PAGE.

  1. That was entertaining. I would LOVE to see if Vicki replies. I can’t believe she thought Palin was the best example for women to follow. I would hope to God that no woman would follow that crazy, gun-toting weirdo who ignores her own children yet uses them to get pity from the world. She’s a sad example of what any human can do when given the opportunity for power. She even makes Bush look somewhat saintly with her behaviors and stupidity.

  2. Wow, some people never seem to amaze me! If Vicki replies back, you must post the reply!! Thanks for making me giggle in between studying for a final! 🙂

  3. Did you realize Geneve’s last name is spelled wrong in “Author”?! Did she srsly spell her own last name wrong?? Hahahahahahahahah! Does Koda = Hoda + Kathy? That comment was just tragic. That show has all the winners watching.

  4. You know what the most tragic part of those comments are? The fact that they do not have websites of their own that I can visit and oogle at.

    I feel a coffee table book about stupid comments left by stupid people on an average girl’s website.

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