I’m banned to the house, bored, sick, tired and hacked too.

Just a quick note to let you know that somehow aflux was molested and impregnated with some kind of malicious spawn. Ben and a few others were getting blocked from the site. I removed as much of the code as I could find but in the end, I was not able to get it all and had to completely dump the database, delete pretty much my entire FTP directory then started all over. Reinstalled WordPress, changed all the passwords, my database name, username and table prefix then imported all the data back in and OMG FUCK YOU HACKERS.

Anyway, I think I have things pretty much back to where they should be but until I can get around to reinstalling all the necessary plugins and doodads that make things run around here there are going to be some problems. I worked on it for a good chunk of the day today between the moaning from the sore throat and the fever induced delirium and jackhammer pounding away in my sinus cavity.

I don’t think I have the swine flu but they’ve pretty strictly enforced a DON’T BRING YOUR SICK ASS HERE policy since the scare started and that means I’m banned to the house, bored, sick, tired and hacked too.

Hope you all are doing well and things will, hopefully, be all well here in the next few days too.

4 thoughts on “I’m banned to the house, bored, sick, tired and hacked too.

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Is there anything that you have learned that I could do to make sure my site doesn’t get hacked? I don’t update or check my site all that often so any other way to know if someone is using it maliciously?

  2. OMG you are going to pass us the Swinez through your websitess!!! You ate bacon didn’t you?

    I hope you and your website feel better soon.

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