Me Today.

So I realize that I said a long time ago that I’d start doing more vlogs and then I realized that the most important parts of the camera were missing and OOPS! Well, I found the missing parts and have a day with nothing to do so HERE YOU GO!

Let the vlogging begin!

8 thoughts on “Me Today.

  1. WoW can be such an evil little bastard. I was sucked in a little around Christmas too, playing a Death Knight and blah blah. But I QUIT. For last week anyways. Maybe this week will be different. My kids are with their father so I may eat ice cream all day long as well. I has leftover sundae making condiments.

    …they can’t go to waste you know.

  2. @Klumsi – I always play in spurts. I played a lot during Christmas break then didn’t really play again till today. I can get pretty sucked in but I never have a problem walking away for weeks or even months.

    @Melinda – You should! It’s fun! And! No typing! 😉

  3. Yay, I’ve missed Anna vlogs. 🙂 What do you use to edit your videos? I’m still on the hunt for a program that lets me upload them to Youtube. (The windows thinger doesn’t? Unless I’m just really dumb.)

  4. I use Adobe Premier Pro CS3 to slice clips and render them. Most of the time I just cut them down in size. In this case, I just cut the beginning and end a little. I plan on getting a bit more elaborate though once I’ve learned a bit more. Premier is a crazy complicate program if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s times like this I REALLY wish I had an Apple so I could use iMovie.

  5. And also! I promise from now on I’ll, like, dry my hair completely (I had just gotten out of the shower 10 minutes before this) and put on some makeup BEFORE I make these videos! 😉

  6. Video is fun and an interesting accent. Still, your writing is rich, dynamic, pointed and often humorous. Don’t stop!

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