Day 4: In which the fate of the entire civilized world is determined.

This is what I’ll be glued to pretty much non stop till the election is called. If you live in a western state YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO VOTE! PLEASE GO VOTE! FOR WHOEVER YOU WANT! JUST, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PIE, GO VOTE!

We will resume with our regular, yet very irregular, posting tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Day 4: In which the fate of the entire civilized world is determined.

  1. The fate of the entire civilized world is determined? Dang. And here I was thinking we were voting for president of the United States of America. 😉

    Just pokin’ at ya.

  2. Well, considering we have this crazy history of invading countries we don’t need to *cough* Iraq *cough* while ignoring ones with rampant ethnic cleansing and genocide *cough* Darfur *cough*, I’d say it’s a pretty fair assessment.

    That’s why Palin was railed by the media so hard about foreign policy and there was an entire presidential debate dedicated to it.

    We’re like the most popular kid in school. Everybody wants to be our friend. 😉

  3. I picked your site to post this. I don’ know that it makes you special but I would like to think so. I voted for McCain. I really wanted him to win. However, I voted for him for the same reasons that I applaud him for his concession speech. Though I did not vote for the president elect, I will back and support him in a manner I believe is required of me to be an american. And may I say shame on all the people that booed that speech.

  4. Yeah, McCain’s speech was graceful, generous, heartfelt, honest, brave… It really was a fantastic speech. I think for the first time, I actually FELT John McCain.

  5. Needless to say, I’m very happy. The only thing that could have made me happier is if Prop 8 didn’t pass 🙁 How very sad. I had a sick feeling it wasn’t gonna go well… Everyone in my neighborhood – including my parents 😛 – had their YES ON 8 signs up. (BTW, been trying to respond to your tweets about it, but I’m not sure you can even see them since my Twitter is private.)

  6. Hooray for change!!

    I am so glad that he won. I think his message of change is so important. He’s got a really tough job ahead of him. I hope he is given a chance to clean up the mess that the previous government is leaving behind but I have a feeling that people are going to be critical from the get go.

  7. So, last night Dani, Jordan, Cherie, one of our friends from Amnesty International and I had an election return party. Imagine our disappointment (and great pleasure) when the whole damn thing was over before we sat down for dinner!

    What a great night (except for Prop 8!). Obamas speech was so powerful and inspiring. It is great, after the past 8 years, to hear a leader speak who is INTELLIGENT, articulate, humble and fully aware of the gravity of the state of affairs of our country and the world.

    We were so happy we didn’t even notice that we had consumed 2 bottles of Merlot and 2 of Bubbly before the celebration broke up around 11:30!

    Here is to a better future!

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