She was experiencing an ID10T error.

So I walk into work this morning and before I can even set my stuff on my desk The Temp says:

Temp: My computer won’t come on.

I can see her computer from where I’m standing. It has lights on the front that are CLEARLY ON.

Me: It’s on.
Temp: No it’s not look. *moves mouse*
Me: Your computer has lights on and I can hear the disk spinning from here.
Temp: Oh. Well, how come this thing isn’t on then? *points to monitor*
Me: That’s your MONITOR.
Temp: Well my keyboard or nothing is working.
Me: When you hit capslock or number lock you don’t see lights?
Temp: Hits a random button, see, nothing.
Me: Capslock.
Temp: *hits it, looks at monitor* Nothing, see?
Me: The light ON YOUR KEYBOARD is on so it’s working.
Temp: Ohhhhhhh, but this still isn’t coming on.
Me: Did you try the power button?
Temp: Which one is the power button?
Me: *officially frustrated and completely over this conversation* The circle with the line through it.
Temp: *tries power button* Nothing,
Me: You should call IT.
Temp: Can you look at it?
Me: IT will be able to troubleshoot it for you.
Temp: Okay.

Five minutes pass. She’s on hold.

Temp: I’m still on hold.
Me: Did you check the connection to make sure it’s getting power?
Temp: Oh, no. *stands up, follows the cable TO THE COMPUTER* It’s plugged in.
Me: No, I mean is it getting power from the POWER CABLE.
Temp: Oh, duh. *giggle*
Me: *head desk*
Temp: Yeah, it’s all plugged in.
Me: IT will be able to troubleshoot it for you.

Boss comes over to say good morning.

Temp: My computer won’t turn on.
Boss: It’s on, see the lights.
Temp: I mean the monitor.
Boss: Will you look at it real quick? I’m late for a meeting.
Me: *get up, walk to monitor, turn it around, push power cable completely into monitor, press power button, monitor turns on*
Temp: OH WOW! THANKS! I didn’t think to check there!



Welcome to my Thursday.

14 thoughts on “She was experiencing an ID10T error.

  1. I srsly deal with 1d107 errors on a daily basis. If I’m lucky, they will skip a day or two without calling.

    I think one of my favorites was a woman whom I told to unplug the POWER SUPPLY from her modem and instead unplugged the phone cord from her phone, thus ending our conversation. I hung up the phone and took a quick break.

  2. Hahaha, that is pretty epic. It really amazes me that people who work with computers on a daily basis still have absolutely NO idea how they work.

    A friend of mine who worked in tech support told me that he once told a woman over the phone to “move the mouse around on the screen.” The woman physically picked up the mouse and rubbed it on the monitor.


  3. @Lynn: You and me BOTH. I actually put my headphones on and ignored EVERYBODY for the rest of the day.

    @klumsi: I don’t know how you do it. I was about to slam my head against the wall after this ONE thing. I’d be insane by the end of the day if I had to deal with it all day.

    @Caitlin: I agree. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to teach one of my other co-workers to create a desktop icon of a webpage. DRAG AND FREAKING DROP GOOD LORD!!!

    @Amanda: PLEASE?!

  4. Priceless. I would have lost it with her. Seriously. As much as I want to work on computers, I would die having to deal with these people

  5. I had to deal with that sort of thing all the time at my last job. No one knew how to clear a paper jam from the copier even though it tells you exactly where the jam is.

  6. Lmao! Oh god!! People like that really annoy me sometimes. How can you not know how to use a computer and know what to check if there’s something wrong if you work with them? Furthermore, how do you get hired if you can’t even use your own initiative to check things?

  7. So we can all feel intellectually superior due to someone else’s difficulty. The ‘temp’ just needed some help. So why is that such a big inconvience to you? Someday you’ll be the ID10T and the car mechanic or whoever will be making fun of you on their forum. Probably already have, by the feel of it.

  8. Actually, I work on my own car so I doubt that would be the case. I also make fun of people on car forums but I don’t think that helps my case at all.

    Also, if you had taken the time to learn the history of this place and that IT’S NOT MY JOB TO FIX COMPUTERS THAT AREN’T BROKEN, your ignorant judgement would probably have been more valid.

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