Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

My birthday is in 13 days (September 10th in case you want to mark your calendar). I will be 30 years old. I guess there should be some big internal FREAK THE FUCK OUT going on right now but, surprisingly, I’m pretty much okay that I’m turning into an old decrepit hag.

I’m married to a wonderful man, have a beautiful daughter, a house, two cats, three cars and very good SSRI. I’m right where I always WISHED I’d be at 30 but never really where I THOUGHT I’d be and it feels REALLY GOOD. So I think that even the impending doom of wrinkly oldness can’t bring me down from that high right now.

We’ll see though, it IS still 13 days away. A lot can change between now and then. Like, mental stability could take a momentary vacation. It’s totally been known to happen to me before.

So, I’ve decided to make a little list of the things I’d be reallystoked to get for my birthday in no particular order of importance. Well, no wait. I REALLY want number 1 and 2 but beyond that they are random in the value of wantedness.


1) Apple iPhone 3G:

I’ve wanted this since the day they announced they were coming out which also happened to be a month AFTER my mom bought me a new 1st Gen because I’d lost mine. I was finding ways to scrounge up the $200 that Apple LIED TO ME ABOUT till I found out that because I was a previous gen user, I had to wait a full year OR pay $399 for the phone. Well, my birthday is the year mark. HOWEVER, I can’t pay for it till that date and then I have to wait 2-5 weeks to actually GET IT. But whatever, as much as I want to grumble about that, there’s no way that I’ll own any other kind of phone right now because, simply, nothing else comes close to it’s general awesomeness.

And also: GPS.
And also: Loopt.
And also: *drool*

PLUS! Ben can take my 1st Gen and start using it. Then I’ll post that he’s actually TOUCHING and USING an Apple and the flesh hasn’t completely melted off his hands in disgust. And I’ll put an Apple logo somewhere on his M3. And then hide for awhile.

space space space

2) Flip Mino In black:

I know I said the Ultra before but the Mino had a rechargable battery, is smaller, only $30 more and I’m fickle like that.

As you can see by visiting YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo or flickr I’ve been uploading move video lately but my current video camera kinda sucks a lot. I love love love catching stuff in video but I want to be able to manipulate it and spend time editing and not have the end result look like a pile of warm poo, ya know. My life is too awesome and full of BADASS to not be capturing some of it more.

Actually, that was a lie, I’m just looking for a way to better utilize my hulking vanity.

space space space
Black & Decker Hedge trimmer

3) Black & Decker 22 In. Dual Action Hedge Trimmer:

I was REALLY tempted to insist we get this when we were at Home Depot buying the lawn mower but we opted for the cheaper long blade “do it by hand” sheers instead. That was fine when I just had to do that one hedge out front but I’ve realized after three weekends of heavy use and screaming pectoralis muscles I that we should have gotten them. Because “that one hedge” turned out to be TWO, then I realized there were hedges on the other side of the driveway so now it’s FOUR. I’ve also been trimming the neighbor’s hedge because the house is on the market and nobody else is doing it so now there’s FIVE.

At first I was just thinking hedges, now, SO MUCH MORE. There has been at least 87 times I’ve thought in the last three weenends, “I really wish we had gotten those dang electric hedge trimmers!” Then I sat down and tried to think of alternate ways to clean out some of the dead undergrowth in the back yard. Napalm is at the top of the list so far and I think for the sake of ALL OF GILROY, I should go pick up that trimmer soon.

space space space

4) Garden pretties:

I have LOVED working on the yard. We are getting closer to having all the plants pretty much under control and I’d like to start adding things to make it pretty. Here are some examples:

hummingbird feeder Looking glass hummingbird feeder
Garden statue Toad Hollow 21 In. Rumple Gnome Garden Statue
Bird Feeder Bird Brain Mod Pod Oval Bird Feeder
Garden Buddha Garden Treasures™
Polyresin Buddha Garden Statue
space space space
Lorem Ipsum Cuff

5) Lorem Ipsum Cuff:

I originally came across them when Chrissy Twittered it and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. It’s geeky and girly and cute and either you GET it or you DON’T.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aliquam nec quam. Donec dolor. Suspendisse eleifend elit sit amet velit. Etiam lacus justo, lacinia suscipit, placerat id, placerat vel, odio. Vivamus eros pede, dignissim sit amet, dictum id, ullamcorper et, risus. Pellentesque ultrices justo lobortis odio. Aliquam non nulla eu ipsum consectetuer lacinia. Etiam magna purus, varius sed, varius ut, adipiscing sit amet, purus. Sed mollis suscipit est. Nunc interdum nisl ac nulla. Proin volutpat porta mauris. Fusce elit tortor, lacinia a, luctus sit amet, dignissim nec, tellus. Maecenas faucibus libero sit amet lectus. Pellentesque accumsan nulla vel eros.

space space space

6) Geeky shirts:

Like these ones from Busted Tees:

Busted Tee Busted Tee

There was one more thing I wanted to add here but the site is down so if I can get there tomorrow, I’ll add it. You may now go forth and buy me things I don’t need. Or don’t, I’ll like you just the same. Plus, if you DO then I’ll, like, OWE you and I’m getting too old to be repaying favors. 😛

13 thoughts on “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

  1. So what does that braclette say? I like it

    I like that humming bird feeder, but i dont like it, it leaks everything out and causes ants! my parents have it. now it just hangs empty teasing the poor birds.

  2. It has the paragraph under the description on there. It starts out “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,”.

    I’ve found that EVERY bird feeder like that eventually attracts ants but I’ve been reading some ways on the web to combat them. Hopefully they’ll work. We’ve had quite a few hummingbirds flittering around and I’m wondering if the people here before us fed them and they are coming back and there is no food!

  3. Firstly, I love this theme! Its very cute. And second, if you get an iPhone 3G, I’ll hate you more than I do now with your 1st Gen iPhone! Haha. I wish they weren’t so expensive otherwise I would probably get one. Its the fact that you have to buy the phone and then pay for the monthly contract (which is way more than what I pay now) that puts me off.

  4. Your wants list is a good idea. 🙂 I kind of want an iPhone, but I’d rather have an iPod than an iPhone. I’ve kind of become attached to my phone that I already have.

  5. that cuff is far too funny!
    the flip mino is definitely on my birthday wishlist, too, but shouldn’t be considering i don’t even use the camcorder i have now!

  6. I lost my job right on my birthday with a greeting card. I heard about people loosingt they jobs – but I didn’t think it’s going to happened with me. I start looking for a new job. I got some money for now and I pretty good worker so I don’t think that going to be a big problem. I got couple offers so I think Life come back in shape.

  7. im successful to this passage fetich called a friday fest with my co-worker tonight and idk what it is,there like stands and poppycock, but if u separate, plz disbosom oneself me so i can deceive a usefulness constantly!!! lol
    -THANKS!! 🙂

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