Does the noise in my head bother you?

Honestly? This is why I love this man so much. When I’m PMSing and I come across this thing that I think is SO GODDAMN AWESOME but will probably end up with me being shot at by a disgruntled asswad driver, he’s there to talk me down off that cliff.

me: OMG!!! I WANT! I WANT!
me: I seriously want that.
Benjamin: Although its a funny idea, I still think that it might be a bad idea for you 🙂
me: there are no cuss words!
And I bet my ‘smile’ to ‘idiot’ would be better than you think.
Like 3:1 at least.
And since I could actually SHOW the person what I’m thinking it would mean I’d be less likely to yell it at them when only you can Cassidy can hear it… because they’d KNOW. And that would be the ultimate satisfaction. No yelling necessary!
Are you serious though? I can’t have it?
Benjamin: I’m writing an email right now work related, I’m not even sure if its legal in CA
me: What if I promise not to use it while I’m PMSing?
Benjamin: is it legal in CA?
me: If it’s legal in CA can I get it?
Benjamin: its around the price point that you don’t need to ask, so I don’t know why you’re asking me
me: Because generally, with things like this, you are a better judge of good idea/bad idea.
Benjamin: bad idea
me: heheheheh
I love you. Even when you are trying to save me from myself. 😉

A few minutes later:

me: hahaa I asked Claudia about it. I usually drive to lunch. Her answer: “As long as you never use it when I’m in the car with you!”

7 thoughts on “Does the noise in my head bother you?

  1. Remember to have me tell you about the time Uncle Ted and I were driving in LA and he used his hand held idiot sign to let a guy who cut us off know of his displeasure with the jerk. Suffice it to say that we used high speed manuvers to keep the guy from using the .357 magnum he pulled out from under his seat! You never know what kind of whako you may be mooning!

    Other words of fatherly wisdom. Want a house? Sacrafice a few gadgets…

    Love you forever,


  2. I saw that on Think Geek a while ago and wanted it soo bad! But I think it’s illegal to have in Pennsylvania. We’re not allowed to have lights (other than factory-issued ones) on the car (i.e. black lights in the undercarriage, etc). I may have to look into it some more because it is really awesome.

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