1) I have some more pownce invites if anybody wants one. Just comment with a valid email address (won’t be shown) or email me one.

2) Cassidy didn’t have pink eye. If her biological sperm donor had ACTUALLY taken her to a doctor like he told me he had (he didn’t), he’d have know that it was, in fact, viral conjunctivitis and the medicine he gave her (which his doctor gave to him to treat his eye God only knows how long ago for a scratch he got when he got SAND in his eye) didn’t help, it just masked the symptoms and now it’s not only in her EYES, but also spread to her EARS.

I was so pissed off about it when we left the doctor yesterday I had trouble focusing enough to just drive home. Then on my way into work I realized that, why am I so surprised by this? I should have assumed he was clueless and taken her to the doctor Sunday when he dropped her off. Especially given his track record and the time he had me freaked out because he said she had a yeast infection and how could I let her walk around like that scratching and WHAT WAS GOING ON IN MY HOUSE that caused her to get it?! So as soon as we picked her up we drove her to the doctor and:

Doctor: Hello. Here’s your Overbearing Freaked Out Parent Awardâ„¢. She has a bug bite by her vagina, fools. Next time LOOK down there before you come in.
Me: Her father told us it was a yeast infection, I put her in the car and drove her here. I didn’t have time to look.
Doctor: He was wrong. It’s a bug bite. Sorry you just wasted 1.5 hours in a room full of sick people for nothing.
Me: Can I please get that in writing so I can mail it to him with a pipe bomb?
Doctor: SURE!

Lesson learned: Assume nothing. Expect to have to clear things up on my own. Every time.

I’m not that bent anymore. In the end, it’s treatable, it only cost me $24 to diagnose and treat, and she’s home with me and far, far away from him and since he probably won’t bother to call her till sometime around Thanksgiving, meh.

3) Her arms are “very, very, very, very, very, very” sore. We are trying out gymnastics classes at different gyms and yesterday was her first ‘tryout’ and not only did she do about 30 hand stands, she climbed about half way up a 20 foot tall rope. This morning:

Cassidy: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
Cassidy: When I move my arms up and down, they hurt.
Me: You are sore from gymnastics yesterday.
Cassidy: It sucks.
Me: Yep, but the next time you go the pain will be less and then less the time after that and it will just get better. And! You’ll be able to flex and have UberMuscles so don’t get discouraged okay?
Cassidy: I’m still going! It hurts but I still REALLY want to do gymnastics.

The class yesterday was more “fun” than structure, which is what Ben and I want for her. Something that focuses on discipline, form and is pretty structured. So! I need to call a few more places and hopefully we’ll find a winner soon.

4) This turned out to be a little longer than I had planned and I should really get back to doing actual work.


Only, not really.

8 thoughts on “quickly

  1. OH HELL NO! Can I beat this man for you? Of all the stupid parent moves lying about taking your child to the doctor just ’cause is my all time favorite. Because the parent who does this always thinks they picked up a phd at walmart last time they got their oil changed and bought groceries.

    I just can imagine how mad you were, because I couldn’t have even driven.

  2. Yeah, he’s a moron. But I realize that I can’t control him. I just have to expect that he’s being that way and fix whatever he fucks up in the process.

  3. What the heck is pownce?

    Sorry to hear about the medical trouble with Cassidy. I remember when they mis-diagnosed what I had at the doc because they were going by Kaiser’s “play book”. No, I didn’t have strep throat… I had mono.

    Which was a relief because for the previous month I just figgured I was being a complete wuss.

  4. Pownce is another new social networking site that’s trying to be uber kewl and only allow sign ups with invites right now. It’s like twitter. You post what you are doing, events and files that are then shared with your ‘friends’. I usually join these things to secure /antigone in case they become The Next Big Thing.

    I’d have been somewhat less pissed if Cassidy had been misdiagnosed because an ACTUAL DOCTOR had seen her. What made it worse is that once I got pink eye and told the tirage nurse, the nurse in the room AND the doctor that I’m highly allergic to sulfa drugs and they gave me one anyway and it caused the resulting infection to actually scar my cornea. I laid on the couch and cried between double doses of Vicodin for about three days and her father was there for all of that. And for me suing the doctor. And winning. But he STILL didn’t think that maybe just putting random drops in her eye might be a bad idea!

  5. Sperm donors have a medical degree? haha How did the pipe bomb go?

    I’ve had doctors just not listen to me at all. My regular doctor was out of town, so I saw one of the doctors in the same building instead. I told him that I had a sinus infection that was draining into my ears – he diagnosed only the ear infection, gave me medicine, and sent me on my way. I was so pissed when I left, but I filled the prescription. Needless to say, I was back a week later to see him again. When he walked into the room, I said “Either you give me the sinus medicine I need this time or I’m suing you. I told you last week I had a sinus infection, now it’s starting to drain into my lungs.” I was fine a week later. Moral of the story: I’ll never see a doctor I’m not familiar with.

    Pownce = pretty spiffy.

  6. I think primary care doctors get worn out pretty fast. They see patients day after day after day and they get bored, lazy and sloppy. You have to demand thing of them and I’ve learned that although they might act a bit put out, it’s worth it because it gets things done.

    I’d totally talk more shit but since doctors being greedy is how I make money, I shouldn’t. I’m so going to HELL! 😉

  7. Blah… the sad thing is he probably doesn’t have insurance and thinks for Cassidy to see the doctor he has to pay for the full visit out of his pocket so he’d rather just go through the motions like he did something responsible till she goes back to mom’s.

  8. Well, I’ve told him at LEAST 20 times that if he needs to take her to the doctor to just take her and have them call me and I can send them all her insurance info. But he might still think that, wouldn’t surprise me. But since they (she, he can’t buy anything because I’ve put a lean on his name, so anything he buys, I automatically own, heh) are buying a house, getting her car custom painted, I’d think that a little doctor visit wouldn’t be a big deal…

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