I should probably write out the long version of this but I’m exhausted and Aunt Flow is here and this is what you get!

Last Thursday aflux was hacked via a REALLY old version of a gallery script that I had totally forgotten even existed. I had installed it to code a theme because Ben’s using it on norcalBMW and when I was done I just forgot to delete it all.

I wish I could say that I was some uber l33t web goddess and they were just trying to fuck with me but it wasn’t that. It was some random asshat that took advantage of my blondness to get to Bigger and Better Things. SEE: my host’s server. To host torrents or some other fantastic reason I don’t care to know.

Anyway, I’m back now. I’ve backed up EVERYTHING on the site and over the next few days will be getting rid of A LOT of old stuff that I’m not using anymore. The one thing NOT having my site for FOUR LONG DAYS made me realize is that a lot of the snazzy stuff I thought I cared about, I really don’t. I was mid redesign so I’m going to finish that but it will be much less then what I had originally planned. I had lots of pretty bells and fancy whistles and there will still be a little of that, but much, much, MUCH less.

I missed you all! *hugs*

4 thoughts on “OMGHI!

  1. OMG! I am so glad you are back, i missed aflux! woot YaY anna is back, /me does the happy dance… Im also dancing cause my 29th bday is on friday woot

  2. Yay for being back. I can’t believe you were hacked WTF? Anyway I can’t wait to see a new theme here, but in the meantime I’m addicted to your flickr. Dude, why can’t I photog like that?

  3. I would HIGHLY recommend backing up. That was my biggest concern. I had backups that were only about a month old but I was worried that what if something went wrong and I lost four years of blogs. That would have sucked. Lucky, they didn’t touch anything in that database at all.

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