So, apparently I AM a hiker. Maybe.

Ben and Lisa were chatting and decided that the four of us (Lisa, Stuart, Me, Ben) should all go hike Half Dome. Remember I referenced Half Dome in that one post where I mentioned Ben tried to KILL ME by making me hike up a volcano in Maui. It’s titled I am not a hiker. I used hiking Half Dome to reference how he is all Hiking God, and I’m like, a Hiking Pussy. Yeah, THAT Half Dome.

So in three weeks we are going to hike it.

me: Hike half dome in ONE DAY?
*hurts already*
Benjamin: well, I told lisa we’d need at least two weeks to get in shape
that’s around 3 weeks out
me: We better start TONIGHT
Benjamin: with emphasis on aerobics and legs
Me: Okay!

me: I might die.
On the hike.
Will you carry my body back to civilization.
Not leave me behind with an ice axe in my head?
Benjamin: Baby, you’re going to LOVE the axe

Yep, I’m totally going to DIE. So, this is my official written notice that when I die everything goes to Cassidy. Except the chair in the living room which I leave to Hans Stuck the WOnder CatΓ’β€žΒ’ since he’s the only one ‘allowed’ to sit on it. And the alcohol because she’s too young to enjoy it. I leave that to Cameron who is 18 and it’s high time he start drinking it in volume.

Speaking of alcohol:

me: It looks nice
And they have an elopement package for small weddings
Lisa: it does, i’d be game for a road trip there too
wedding reconn is MAD FUN
Lisa: because everyone’s trying to woo you
“come get married at my place so i get bank commission!”
me: Do you get lots of free alcohol? If so, we should TOTALLY do that
Lisa: woo woo woo
we should ask for a bar tasting
me: hjahah
Lisa: be like “we don’t really care what you feed us”
me: “No, we need to tast ALL the alcohol”
Lisa: “but beverages are TRES important”
me: “Does this martini go with my dress?”

5 thoughts on “So, apparently I AM a hiker. Maybe.

  1. I was messing around with some settings while doing some routine maintenance on the blog. It’s only showing one post per page right now. You can get to the older ones by clicking the “previous” or “next” button at the bottom of each post.

    It will be back to normal soon and POSSIBLY with a new layout. πŸ˜‰

  2. You have to tell me more about this letterboxing stuff you guys are doing it sounds interesting.

    Oh Yah, I totally had a dream about you last night. It was weird, I was up there and you had a really old car that had no head room. Anyways we were driving to san fransisco to get some chocolate at ghiradelli and to drop me off, and we were driving over some type of bridge that wasnt tall like the others but just barely over the water, like when high tide would come you would be driving in the water. anyways,we were driving and all the sudden you yelled OH SHIT WERE NOT ON THE ROAD and we started to sink and you yelled grab my coach purse we gotta swim outta the car! then my bf got up to go pee and that woke me up so i dont remember anymore of the dream πŸ™

  3. My first thought when I read this was that I was going to reference that ice pick. I can’t believe you beat me too it. I’m all out of clever things to say now.

    And uh yeah better you than me on that hike. I’m such a lazy ass.

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