My heart is breaking for the parents that are waiting by the phone to hear news about their children attending VA. Tech. You are all in my thoughts…

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  1. 1) Don’t bring that BS drama to my website. I have an email address, use it.

    2) That petition is a joke. What’s it going to do? It’s going to fuel his fire, give him more to write about, make him come after you even more. Let me tell you what it’s NOT going to do, GET HIM OFF THE INTERNET.

    If you are going to make a petition to get somebody off the internet, try to AT LEAST make it not sound like it’s coming from some blatantly dishonest disgruntled person. You give some good examples of the website and forum then have to go and ruin the whole thing by talking about his wife and kids and bringing somebody else into it.

    It’s not a petition to get him offline. It’s bait. You wanted his attention and more drama, and I bet you probably got it.

    3) LET. GO. ALREADY. Read the post you added this comment to. READ what people have been going through in the last few days and UNDERSTAND that there are SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE than THIS.

    4) I don’t do anonymous comments here, Krystal. You wanted your drama, you got it.

  2. When you said that she put the comment here I wondered if this was the post she put it on. I saw it earlier but didn’t read the entire post. Obviously I could imagine that it was about the VA tragedy.

    That was truly classless, no wonder she wouldn’t even sign her entire name.

  3. *E-Loves Anna*

    I knew she made it and was spreading it around like every other STD out there. Probably the only signatures on there that aren’t her own are people who dislike what TGo has said about them.

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