WEEEEEEEEE!!! I just FINALLY(!!) got a Joost invite and now I’m too excited to get any work done because I want to try it out. I will as soon as I get home and let you all know how much it rocks. Out of curisoty I checked the Joost Invite DIGG out to see how many people were still waiting for invites and now I feel really special. 3127 comments and counting… And to think I got mine from a flickerite.

Lesson: Seek alternatives to the mainstrean. And Flickr ROCKS!

This reminds me of an email we got at work yesterday. Very long and very wordy and as usual the most important point was wrapped up in once sentence somewhere in the middle:

Downloading your favorite song or new video file onto your Major Medical University workstation becomes a legal liability for the hospital.

I’m sure this email was sent out as a direct response to somebody doing something stupid. It’s also probably why the IT guys were here for an entire 48 hours trying to wipe out a worm that somebody let in about a week ago that stopped one of our most important systems from functioning.

I don’t understand why they don’t just walk around slapping The Stupid One’s with a large Trout. I’d think it would get the point across much more effectively.

5 thoughts on “JOOST!

  1. Joost really isn’t anything that amazing (yet.) It’s a very intuitive program, but so far it’s lacking in things to watch. The only channel that had me interested thus far was the Guinness World Record channel that had a bunch of 20+ minute episodes.

    It wasn’t too bad with the buffering either; Though there were a few times it skipped and whatnot. Definitely easy on the resources too.

  2. Yeah, the content is kinda lacking. But the interface is SEXY. Hopefully once they get all the bugs worked out they can get some more up there. Or, offer a way to play your own video’s via their interface. That would be cool.

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