Why I didn’t get naked today.

I had originally intended today to participate in CSS Naked Day ’07. I’ve become increasingly more strict with myself when it comes to coding. Things like valid XHTML, CSS and a well thought out hierarchy are important to me. (And yes, I’m aware that I have three XHTML error’s right now. They are from the flickr badge but in the new design I’m about to start pimping I use a WordPress plugin and it’s valid. Believe me, just knowing they are there makes my eye twitch and my skin crawl. ;))

So I had this grand idea! I’d debut the new theme today, sans CSS. Then tomorrow I’d allow the CSS and BAM! Beautiful new site. It would be glorious and wonderful and you could bask in all it’s greatness… except it’s not even close to done. Not even semi close. It’s like, on another continent somewhere drinking MaiTai’s and taking a ciesta.

I could blame any number of things but the truth is I just got lazy and didn’t get it done. It’s okay though, to see what I’m talking about you should visit Jenn, Manda, Angela and berlin. They are all participating and I must say, ROWR! Ya’ll look very good with no CSS on. 😉

In the mean time, I’m working on the redesign but I’m not just redoing the theme. I’m deleting content here, and adding some there, starting down a path that leads in a different direction. It will still be a personal blog, aflux is a part of me now and it will always be my little home on the web, but there will be more. I want to add a better way to spotlight photography for one. It’s hard to explain it, the concept is up here *points to head* and once it’s live hopefully you’ll get it too.

2 thoughts on “Why I didn’t get naked today.

  1. I think it’s great the amount of people that are participating in it; It’s really simple and I know a lot of people can’t grasp the reasoning behind it, but it’s really cool to see a “movement” like that.

    Next up is CSS Reboot! Which I’m looking forward to.

  2. CSS REBOOT! (Goodness I’m all about the exclamation points today!) I’m pretty sure I can be ready by THEN so I’ll shoot for that. 🙂

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