Hates me, It does.

I’m sorry for any whiny crybaby-ness this post may contain. Having said that, you are not allowed to complain at the end.

I am SO ON MY PERIOD. Thankfully, the normal physical STUPIDNESS that my body forces on me didn’t happen this month. Unfortunately, that left me no warning that It was coming. It first hit me Saturday morning when I got up and was seriously pissed off at the alarm clock. SERIOUSLY. Like, if it was an actual person that shook me awake at 8AM on a Saturday I’d have knocked it’s teeth out. When I was getting dressed I glared at it and rolled my eyes and cursed it under my breath. It just looked back at me and clicked off another minute, unfazed by my Death Glare, which pissed me off even more.

Luckly, I got Cassidy to Saturday School with no big drama and Ben was busy out in the garage with Reid so I didn’t really have anybody around to set It off. I just putzed around the house getting some laundry done and cleaning here and there while cussing at more inanimate objects. Except my beautiful plants. I didn’t cuss at them. I walked around the entire house checking on everything I planted last weekend. Everything was doing very well, growing and flowering and smelling wonderful and somehow that managed to turn my mood around and I was able to enjoy the rest of the day.

At noon I picked up Cassidy and we headed to the Children’s Discovery Museum which is 10 minutes away but we’d never been to. It was a little too young for Cassidy but she still had a good time. I even managed to have a good time despite the fact that a woman and her child seemed to be following us around the museum and whenever the child didn’t get what he wanted he’d lay down on the floor and violently convulse while screaming like a cornered pig. Seriously, at one point the kid laid there and screamed for a good 7-8 minutes while the mom JUST STOOD THERE AND WATCHED. When she tried to pick him up he started scratching and hitting and BIT HER! She just put him down and let him continue…

I was about to get up and drag him out of there myself when Cassidy tried to throw a ball into a massive whirlpool and missed, hitting The Mom of Screaming Terror Kid smack on the side of the face. Then I couldn’t get up for fear of PEEING MYSELF.

That evening we met The Gang at Dave and Buster’s to celebrate Guillermo’s birthday. I was designated driver (without much hesitation because I’m still a little sick from Sandra’s party a few weeks ago) but still had a great time and managed to hit the Jackpot on our favorite game four times total and three times IN A ROW. I rocked the ticket counter.

Then Sunday came and It was the absolute other end of the spectrum. My mom came with me to a Bridal Show and I turned into a CRYBABY! When the fashion show started I actually had to LOOK AWAY as all the skinny models strutted down the runway in frilly white dresses to keep from crying. I’m totally not kidding. I suddenly had this flash of me walking down the isle towards Ben holding my Dad’s arm and it was such a powerful feeling that I almost had to just leave. I was choking back tears and trying to blow it off as allergies. (Note to self: DO NOT plan wedding around time of period or you will just be a blubbering idiot bride.) I mean, I was CRYING over DRESSES! Who the fuck AM I!? I HATE DRESSES! OF EVERY COLOR AND SHAPE AND SIZE AND LENGTH AND PATTERN!!

Well, I don’t hate ALL dresses. (But most!) And then, after that feeling passed I started to panic that I’d never find THE dress. I know what I want, exactly. The cut, the color, the length the flow… and it’s a combination of about 15 different dresses that I’ve never seen combined into one. And it has to be perfect. I want Ben to become weak knee’d and light headed when I start down the isle. So it HAS to be perfect.

Then I started to realize just how expensive wedding’s really are. According to all the budget planners, reception’s are generally 40% of the wedding. The LOW END average of all the places I’ve looked at around here for 100 people is $6000. So if the receptions is $6000 and that’s 40% of the general wedding cost then are we looking at $15000??? To get MARRIED! No, no we can’t do that. That’s too much money to get married.

I have to scale down what I want. I try not to mention “last time” when I talk about this but in this case I will. Last time I didn’t really give a lot of input. I didn’t choose the flowers, I just kinda nodded and said “Yeah, that’s okay.” It was the same way with the cake and the decorations and the music… “Yeah, that’s fine we can do that.” Other than the dress, it just wasn’t me. Victorian is SO NOT ME. I want this wedding to be everything I’ve dreamed of. And I want it to be what Ben’s always thought this day should be. We really need to sit down and hammer out a budget because I want a Cinderella wedding but need to do it on a pre-Fairy Godmother budget.

And this is a testament to my state of mind… At one point during the fashion show, a bride came out holding a bouquet and threw it into the section making the most noise. The person catching it got a free bouquet ($175 value) from the flower vendor I FELL IN LOVE WITH. I waved my hands in the air like a lunatic SCREAMING for those flowers and the bride looked me square in the eye, tossed the bouquet in a perfect arc directly at me… and the girl IN FRONT OF ME jumped up and grabbed it out of the air. I looked at my mom, then back at the girl, then back at my mom who gave me this look of, “We are at a bridal show and if you make a scene I will TOTALLY DISOWN YOU.” She told Ben later, “I thought Anna was about to clobber the girl over the bouquet.” And she was right. That was MY BOUQUET DAMMIT and if my mom hadn’t been there to look at me I’d have grabbed that bouquet and ran for the door. But considering the 1000 rabid women around me, I’d have probably been beaten to death with Louis Vutton purses and four inch Manolo Blahnic’s.

THEN! To top off my emotional roller coaster, when I got home from the show I saw that somebody had ripped my daylily plant out of the ground and dropped it about three feet away. Two of the three stocks had been broken in half so it was completely not salvageable. I was heartbroken. I bought those flowers specifically because they are always included in any bouquet that Ben sends me. I’m sure this isn’t even some conscious decision of his, he just happens to choose bouquet’s that have them in there. But they are very sentimental to me and they were BEAUTIFUL and smelled SO GOOD and I couldn’t wait till they were producing enough flowers that I could bring them in and put a few on my desk and smile at them.

And that was it. The day before of being constantly strained and on the edge, Crazy Screaming Kid at the museum, the late night at Dave and Busters, the wedding show almost breaking me down, some lunatic woman grabbing MY BOUQUET, then my beautiful plant… I was just SO DONE WITH THE WEEKEND. I was exhausted. And I’m sure it was nothing more than my normal monthly period induced exhaustion + the after show Margarita my mom treated me to but I laid down on the couch and slept the rest of the weekend off like a bad hangover.

6 thoughts on “Hates me, It does.

  1. Amen for the period craziness. I feel you on that one. I hate dresses too. But almost every bride looks great in their dress, even if they are a complete mess every other day!

  2. Okay, I know that your not suppose to take advice on a wedding from a man, and damn sure not from a SOUTHERN MALE, but I happen to also be a tight ass! Jessica and I Planned an entire wedding for which we had about 150 guest for right at $3000. That was for her dress and everything. I think I might have told you a diffent number before, but I went back and looked at all the records and that is what it came up to. If you would like any ideas please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to tell you what I know, and I can show you pictures of how it came out. The big thing that I found was to stay away from anything that said wedding on it. If you can get the same thing without it being branded wedding you can get it for about 25% of the cost.

  3. OMG, my cousin had her wedding out at rancho bonilla in new cuyama and the total of her wedding was 50,000 yep but it was awesome!

  4. I’ll have to hit you up, Tree! But you are never online anymore. It’s like the Internets ate you up and you dissapeared! 🙁

    If you want to email me some pics I’d love to see them! I love wedding pictures. hehe 🙂

  5. Mmhmm since we’re so much alike and planning our weddings at the same time, I can vouch for what you’re saying. I am NOT girlie, and I found myself suddenly OBSESSED and EMOTIONAL over what gown I picked. And now that I bought TWO, I find myself ridiculous. LOL.

    But yeah.. the stark realization that even a ‘cheapie’ wedding for a large number of people easily runs $15-20k has certainally hit me. Our ideal $15k and under is now roughly $22k.

    I applaud the southerner who managed to swing a wedding for $3,000.00 but in most cases, if you aren’t getting the benefit of a religious wedding (well not BENEFIT, but you know, discounted church, reception at the same place, punch ‘n cookies, freebie pastor, etc) you’re going to shell out a bit.

    BUT the good news is I’m apparently now an expert. I’ve already notched off 90% of my wedding a good SIX months in advance, and have already learned what I could save on, what I would spend more for, and how to find good deals — and I’m not even down the aisle yet.

    So the good news is you don’t neccessarily need to sacrafice EVERYTHING you’ve dreamed of for that big day. You should IM me or email me some time and show me links and things you want regardless of price (invites, save the dates, favors, centerpieces, bouquets, etc) and I will totally find ya the cheaper route.

    We took about $1500.00 worth of flowers and made it into about $400.00 .. our $400 invitations became $100.00 .. you can go the Julian Bridal route and get a $250 dress that should be $800 .. etc!! =)

  6. I only spent roughly about 3 grand on my own wedding and it was really nice. We had the ceremony at my grandparents’ church and then the actual reception in the buffet room of a hotel nearby. I bought a lot of things like party favors, my attendants’ dresses, etc on ebay and only paid $300 for my dress since it actually was an all white prom dress. You can check out my wedding pics at http://www.insert-smile-here.com to see for yourself. If you need any budget savvy ideas, look me up =)

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